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Medical Translation Services

When You Need a Spanish Translator for Medical Documents

With the growing Hispanic population in the United States, many of whom either only speak Spanish or who at least have limited English language skills, it has become almost essential to have someone bilingual on staff at many businesses. This is even more essential in places like hospitals or other medical facilities where correct translation can mean the difference between life and death or at least the difference between a quick diagnosis and a delayed diagnosis.

A recent article which can be accessed online talks about the importance of a translator for the 24 million Americans who cannot speak English well enough to communicate with health care providers. Hospitals which receive Medicare, Medicaid, and other government financial assistance are required to provide free interpretation services for those who need it. Of course, face-to-face interaction between a patient and a doctor or nurse is not the only time translation is needed in the medical field.

Correct translation of pharmaceutical documents and other medical paperwork is also important. When looking to hire a Spanish translator for medical documents, make sure you hire the right person. At Teck Language Solutions, only a native language speaker will handle the translation of the document or documents. We understand miscommunication or use of the wrong words can lead to confusion and delayed care. That is why we make sure you are paired with someone familiar with the medical field when you need a medical translation. Because of the small but important differences between European Spanish and American Spanish, we will also make sure you are matched with a translator who is the right one for your specific situation.

Contact us if you need a Spanish translator for medical documents or other paperwork. We also offer translation services in a variety of other languages and for a variety of other fields including legal translations, technical translations, and website translations.

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