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10 Examples of the Growing Need for Medical Translation Services

Demand for medical translation continues to rise with the increase in international medical device distribution, the heightened prevalence of medical websites, and the growing diversity in communities across the globe. Failure to translate key medical content can impede an organization’s ability to provide critical information to patients, researchers, and consumers. Below are 10 situations that demand professional medical translation services.

1) Operation manuals. Every piece of capital medical equipment is accompanied by an operator’s manual. With many medical equipment companies distributing their devices to hospitals across the globe, there is a growing demand for translation of medical device manuals.

2) Clinical trial content. Clinical research organizations across the globe launch clinical trials to test the effectiveness of new medications or treatments on the human body. Medical translators can help on the front end by translating participant instructions to other languages and are also useful after completion of a trial when translation of results is required.

3) Marketing materials for medical device companies. The percentage of medical devices manufactured overseas continues to rise. With device companies cropping up regularly in China, India, and Brazil, there is a growing need for professional translators who can ensure that device features are properly promoted in English and other languages.

4) Social media sites. Roughly 8 in 10 Americans has at least one social media profile. With 90% of 18-24 year-olds indicating that they trust medical information shared on social media, there is a growing need to accurately translate medical content shared on social media.

5) Patient Bill of Rights and Responsibilities. Individuals who receive health care services from a hospital or medical center have rights and responsibilities as a patient. These documents are outlined in a patient Bill of Rights and Responsibilities which is available to every patient entering a hospital. Patients who are limited in their ability to understand English require a translated version of this document.

6) Medical websites. With more consumers turning to the internet to find information on medical conditions, medical translators are often called upon to translate the content on medical websites. The translation of medical website content should be handled by a native translator with a strong working knowledge of the medical field.

7) Medical newsletters. Health plans and health care providers often use electronic newsletters to convey healthcare tips and news about upcoming health screenings to patients. Medical translation is often required in order to ensure that non-English speaking patients have access to this important information.

8) Medical textbooks. Aspiring medical professionals for whom English is a second language frequently turn to textbooks to provide a framework for their study of medicine or healthcare topics. With most books being published in English, medical translation plays a valuable role in facilitating the learning process.

9) Medical research. Translation of medical research studies is best handled by translators who speak the language at hand and who have experience in the medical field. Examples of research-related content requiring professional translation include scientific journal articles, patient interviews, research notes, and grant proposals.

10) Prescription medicine instructions. Every prescription medication includes this documentation, which includes important guidelines for safe use of medication. Translation of patient package inserts (PPIs) and other instructions that accompany prescription medications is a vital service provided by medical translators.

Choosing a Trusted Medical Translation Provider  

As you evaluate medical translation providers, you should take special care to choose a provider with native translators who are well-versed in medical terminology. Failure to choose a translation provider that is accurate with a solid medical vocabulary can lead to dire consequences such as medication errors or misuse of medical devices. Please contact us to learn more about the important role that medical translators play in the healthcare field. We look forward to serving as your trusted provider of medical translation services!

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