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Why Website Translation Is Still Important

One of the greatest aspects of the internet is how it has been able to let people connect with each other from nearly every corner of the globe. The modern internet really is the heartbeat of globalization, and having a functional website is one the easiest ways to make your presence known in the global eCommerce business. However, though many websites can be viewed from potential customers all over the world, the vast majority of them are still only published in one language.

This is why website translation is still a very important aspect of running a website. Not many people are going to connect with your site if they can not read it, so if you are sincere in your aspirations to be open to potential customers from different regions of the world, consider undergoing a full professional translation project for the benefit of your foreign audiences.  And if you don’t think you have a foreign audience, speak with you website manager and as to check your web analytics. If you take a close look at where your hits are coming from there is a very high likelihood you’ll notice visitors coming from IP addresses that are from all parts of the world because as stated previously, once your are online, you are part of the global eCommerce business.

There are many benefits to translating your website, but the following are some of the most compelling:

Auto-Translation Programs Are Not Very Reliable.

Auto-Translation programs currently available through Google and Yahoo are helpful when attempting to translate single words or phrases, and they have gotten better, but when you need to translate large blocks of text, these translations apps are still very poor at doing so. Conjugating verbs properly and using correct grammar is something these apps struggle with. When you are presenting information to foreign audiences, you want to look professional so if you have gone through the trouble of translating a website through these apps, you run the risk of looking sloppy and certainly not instill confidence that you are legitimate. Just think about the feeling you get when you yourself view a poorly translated page. Would you feel confident entering your credit card information on a page that doesn’t use correct English? Probably not.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Can Also Be Translated.

Proper use of SEO can help website exposure and bring a wide variety of hits to a site that doesn’t have as high a profile as major sites people are generally familiar with. SEO doesn’t come natural to most people when they write copy because it is distinctly used on the web alone. When it comes to translating text, many people forget that SEO can still work effectively in another language. Translation that includes SEO is the most optimized use of the service and something website managers should make sure to consider since exposing their site to foreign audiences isn’t just a one-step process. If you have gone through the first step of translating your site, the next part of that is implementing translated SEO that can allow the site to capture more visitors search for a product or service.

Knowledge of Foreign Cultures Is Important. 

If you really think about it, translating a website is essentially an aspect of marketing since you are trying to reach new audiences. After all, before sales typically comes marketing and a major part of marketing is knowing how to communicate effectively with other people, especially audiences with different cultural norms and expressions. Part of what makes foreign markets different from is that the customers in them aren’t the same when it comes to culture. If translating a site is a first step, SEO a second, then the third step of a comprehensive website translation project is to make sure cultural differences are being taken into account when devising the copy. There is no app that will tell you what words simply don’t make sense or what phrases are offensive, so its important for a professional translator that understands a culture make the necessary adjustments to your copy that give the intended message you had in mind.

How Teck Language Solutions Helps?

Here at Teck Language Solutions, we make sure all of these points are implemented into our translation services. Our professional translators provide fast project turnarounds and guarantee on-time delivery. We offer translations services for an extensive list of world languages, including every language in the European Union, Scandinavian,  Asian-Pacific, and even some from the Middle East. Our prices rates are very competitive and there are no hidden fees or subscriptions to worry about either. We pride ourselves in being professional, delivering high quality translation projects on time and always customizing our work to fit a client’s needs so think of Teck Langauge Solutions as a business partner you can rely on for help.

With the world getting smaller each and everyday, it has never been more important to connect with people from all over the globe. For many businesses, their success will depend on how good their ability to reach out to new audiences is. Translating your website is the first part of equipping your business for the modern global economy so if you are interested or would like to learn more about how Teck Language Solutions can help provide solutions for your business, please do not hesitate to contact us or go further by filling out our online form to get a free quote.

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