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Prescriptive and Descriptive Rules in Professional Translation

Language is an ever-changing, ever-growing organism. While linguists consistently define and describe language with generalized rules, these rules can only prescribe how language "should be," or officially is. Descriptive language, however, expresses the every-day, informal means of communication. The differences are profound. Professional translators must find the balance between making…

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Words & Wörter: The Denglisch “Language”

‘Spanglish’ was a term coined way back in 1940 to refer to a sort of hybrid language that incorporated aspects of both Spanish and English. It appeared around about the time that the United States welcomed more than 50,000 Caribbean natives striving to take advantage of post-war economic growth, and…

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Living for ‘Le Weekend’: The English Language Abroad

English Language

When it comes to native speakers, English actually fares pretty poorly; there are more native speakers of Spanish and Mandarin than there are of English. But in terms of the total number of speakers, both native and as a secondary language, there’s really no comparison - there are believed to…

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And What About Us? English Around The World

When we talk about the English language, we’re usually referring to one of two forms of English. Quite often, this is British English. After all, the English language evolved in England! However, at other times we may be referring to American English, quite simply because the United States has the…

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