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Teck Language Solutions is here to assist you with global communication. Whether it is a legal, commercial, or technical text you need to be translated, we have streamlined processes for Atlanta-based businesses of all sizes. Contact us for a free quote or for further information.

Are you looking for a professional translation service provider for your Atlanta-based business to take care of your document translation needs? Teck Language Solutions is at your disposal for a variety of subject fields and language combinations. Expert and experienced translators, punctual deliveries, and competitive, transparent pricing feature in our services.

For a business to succeed in today's global market, you will often be required to provide documentation in one or more foreign languages. For such transactions, a professional translation service is essential. Teck Language Solutions is home to a dedicated team of translation professionals, who undertake the transcription of your business documents accurately and with full consideration of the particular aspects of your business to which those documents belong. Our translators are highly skilled in all the varied branches of technical and trade operations as well as in financial, legal, medical, and other applications. We provide Atlanta businesses with professional translation services.

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Our Translation Services for Your Atlanta Business

When planning to explore new business opportunities in Europe, you should be aware that the EU imposes strict regulations on the language used for technical documentation and operating manuals for any kind of machinery or equipment. We are experienced in providing professionally translated texts to comply with these regulations, and we will ensure that all aspects of your European business are conducted efficiently.

The quality of our translation work is very carefully controlled, both by human oversight and with software-based methods. We employ a combination of orthographical criteria with checks for unity of meaning, consistent use of appropriate terminology, and correct layout. We are careful to comply with all applicable laws, regulations, standards, and codes of practice, and we make sure that every translator we use understands and upholds this policy.

When you order website translation services from us, our translators can work directly with you on CMS platforms, such as WordPress or Joomla, but will never have access to your source code. Alternatively, you can provide us with information on an external database; we will never share your source or use a third-party agency.

The internet is the most powerful means of today’s marketing strategies, and we can help you spread your message worldwide by translating your web content into one or many target languages. We use only native-speaking translation professionals who will localize your content effectively and will ensure the accuracy of any specific or cultural knowledge.

Wherever your customers are located, Teck Language Solutions has a professional translator ready and able to meet your needs.

Translations for your law firm in Atlanta

If your law firm in Atlanta serves clients that conduct business in the international market, oftentimes, professional legal translation services will be needed. Our expert translators serve businesses in Atlanta and beyond with legal translations. Whether it is commercial law, civil law, family law, corporate law, criminal law, or any further subject areas, with our tailored processes you can rest assured that you receive from us excellent quality and punctual deliveries. We can help your business eliminate communication barriers in the international market, when legal contents need to be exchanged between partners, clients, investors or among further market participants. Our services cover the translation of any contract, agreement, court document, company formation documents and other legal papers. Contact us and we will find for you a solutions that is an ideal fit for your needs.

Finance industry in Atlanta

Numerous financial institutions and service providers feature in the economic landscape of Atlanta. These companies are extremely exposed to the challenges of international communication. Even though English is a predominant language in the financial industries, there are countless situations, when professional translations are needed in financial subject fields. This is when our services come into the picture. We are there for you if you need financial documents, such as balance sheets, profit and loss accounts, audit reports, shareholder information, annual reports, any bookkeeping data, bills, invoices, or simply sales materials to be translated into or from a foreign language. We are well aware that financial documentations contain extremely sensitive data. That is why we have a strict non-disclosure and privacy policy and always follow the corresponding statutory regulations. Contact us with confidence when you need the translation of financial data.

Studying in Atlanta?

Atlanta, as the capital of Georgia, has a lot to offer for those who want to study in the region. The InverContinental University, the Clark Atlanta University, the Georgia Institute of Technology, the Georgia State University or the University of Georgia are only a few in the wide choice of higher education institutions operating in the area. If students in Atlanta need professional or certified translation services, Teck Language Solutions can offer optimally designed services. Whether you need your translation for official use, e.g. to obtain student visa, or you would like to apply for a foreign exchange program, we are there to serve you with certified translations. We can translate your diplomas, decrees, transcript of records, and further documents. If you need to include our services in a scientific project, we are happy to provide you with the translation of scientific essays, project papers or a thesis. The list of our services to Atlanta students and universities could be continued endlessly. Contact us to discuss the details of your specific needs. We look forward to hearing from you.

Company formations in Atlanta

If you choose Atlanta as the home of your future business and you intend to conduct global operations, you might find yourself in situations, where company formation documents, such as Articles of Incorporation, Minutes, Bylaws etc., need to be translated into a foreign language. This might be the case when you open branch offices, bank accounts or subsidiaries abroad. For all these and many other situations, our translation company has got you covered with fast and reliable certified translation services. We will be there for your newly founded Atlanta corporation in the long run, serving you with professional translation services, whenever the communication with foreign clients will be a challenge. Contact us for a quote or for further information.

Health care and medical topics

Companies in the Atlanta region with medical and health care profile often need professional translation services. In these cases highly specialized professionals have to take part in the project, who have extensive knowledge in the corresponding specific fields. When you trust Teck Language Solutions with medical translations, you are choosing an expert provider. The expertise of our translators cover a range of medical and health care topic areas and we are proud to serve medical devices manufacturers from the region. During these long-term relationships we kept consolidating our expertise and know-how and learned a great deal about the specific needs of this fascinating market segments. We would be happy to assist your company if you are in need of translations services in medical subject fields.

Hospitality and leisure in Atlanta

Atlanta is not only known of its high-status economy, being the 10th largest in the country, but also of the many sights, programs and event locations the city can offer. Our translation company serves the hospitality industry in Atlanta and the region with professional translation services. The companies belonging to this industry segment have very special needs in terms of client communication. First of all, most of their customers spend their free time using their services. That is why communication, also with foreign customers, has to work flawlessly. Our translators will serve your hospitality company with the professional translations of virtually every document that you might come across with in this segment. We translate your website content with the booking information, the general terms of your services, instruction and information materials, booking forms, menus, descriptive documents and many more. With our translations we will build a linguistic bridge between your foreign customers and your enterprise.

German translation services for Atlanta

You might already have established communications in English with potential customers in German-speaking countries, but in order to maximize your impact on these markets, it is vital to engage your business partners in their own tongue, especially in the more conservative regions of Germany, such as the southern federal states, or in Austria and Switzerland. Upwards of 250 German companies have situated their business in Atlanta, including Siemens, Porsche, Ingenics, and, recently, Mercedes (Daimler). There is a strong German community in the area, and developing local contacts can be facilitated by access to professional German/English translations.

Professional Italian translations for Atlanta businesses

Atlanta's vibrant Italian community has been strengthened with investment by more than 60 companies who have branches in the region, such as Alitalia Cargo and Pirelli. We can provide you with native-speaking translators to help you develop business with these companies, and to generate and expand new business in Italy. At Teck Language Solutions, our highly skilled, professional Italian translators have experience with all aspects of business processes and promotional materials for the Italian market. We also employ Computer Assisted Translation tools, which enable text editing in most office applications and file types. We offer discounts for standardized and repetitive texts, and make use of term banks to ensure complete accuracy of technical and trade terminology in compliance with EU regulations.

Spanish translators for your Atlanta company

Teck Language Solutions is equipped to handle many of the languages of the world, but Spanish is regarded as a special case. It is the world's second most commonly spoken language, and covers such an extensive and diverse territory that the language itself has split into two distinct branches. We can therefore supply Spanish translators who specialize in either European or American Spanish. We recognize the importance of producing accurate translations for a specific target audience, so we ensure that our native-speaking translators identify all the subtle variations that exist between the two types of Spanish. Your texts will thus be authentically keyed to your target markets.

Hungarian translation services for Atlanta

Hungary has strong trade relations with the United States, which represents its tenth largest investor, accounting for some nine billion dollars in American company investment. More than 600 US companies have Hungarian subsidiaries, many of which appear on the Fortune 500 list, such as Microsoft, Procter and Gamble, and IBM. Hungarian companies in the Atlanta region are represented in key industry sectors, such as automotive and computing. Hungarian is one of the more unusual languages found in the European Union, and at Teck Language Solutions, we are able to field a team of native Hungarian-speaking translators. They are fully equipped with the latest software and techniques for English-Hungarian or Hungarian-English translations. We have the capacity and experience to edit texts in many file formats or web applications, with full support from the most up-to-date CAT tools.

Certified translations for Atlanta

It is often necessary for official purposes to provide certified translations of documentation, and we have the expertise and experience at Teck Language Solutions to do this for you. Whether you are a private individual or a corporation based in Atlanta, we can arrange certified translations of any official documents you might need for yourself or your business. These include such things as tax or registration forms, birth certificates, and employment details.

Translation services for Atlanta

Whether you are thinking of setting up in Cumberland or Buckhead, Midtown or Greenbriar, many business opportunities are available in Atlanta. At Teck Language Solutions, we are ready and able to fulfill all your translation needs, to help you bring the international element of your company’s business to its fullest potential.

We serve businesses and private individuals in Atlanta with professional translation services in a range of language pairs, including Arabic, Bulgarian, Chinese, Croatian, Czech, Danish, Dutch, Estonian, Finnish, French, German, Greek, Hungarian, Italian, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian, Russian, Serbian, Slovak, Slovenian, Spanish, Swedish, Turkish, and more. Contact us today for a free quote!

Atlanta and Global Commerce

A relatively new city, historically speaking, from its foundation in 1836, Atlanta rapidly developed into a busy rail hub for the south-eastern United States. Coca-Cola was launched here in 1886, and the city was later home to civil rights activist Martin Luther King. Returning to the world spotlight as the venue for the 1996 Olympics, Atlanta today can boast the tenth largest economy in the US, with a 2015 GDP of 339 billion dollars.

A host of national and multinational corporations are based in the area, including not only The Coca-Cola Company but also UPS, the German Porsche, and Delta Air Lines. In addition, as the primary location of the Centers for Disease Control, Atlanta is a focus for many biotech and life science industries. The city is also a world leader in the cyber security and financial technology sectors, as well as being a major center for media activity, hosting The Weather Channel, CNN, and other members of the Turner broadcasting empire.

The city's administration promotes its international initiatives, including a number of Global Partner Organizations, and is active in establishing international investment. The chamber of commerce also offers many useful resources, including a Global Commerce Council and, as part of the Global Cities Initiative, their website features a portal to the Foreign Direct Investment plan.

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