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Are you based in Chicago and in need of professional translation services? Whether you are a small business, a big corporation, or a private individual, Teck Language Solutions has streamlined processes for your individual needs.

If your business is in Chicago and you need professional translations services, you are at the right place. Teck Language Solutions is a U.S.-based translation company with focus on the needs of globally active small and medium sized enterprises. We provide translation services in a range of subject areas, including document translations for legal, technical, or commercial contents, website translation services, certified translations for official use in the U.S., or in other countries, and in many more areas, where international communication needs help. We are genuinely committed towards quality services and use several quality assurance steps to make sure our clients are completely satisfied with the results. We make organizational and technical steps to ensure timely deliveries. Further advantages of our translation services for Chicago-based companies include fast reaction and turnaround times, the possibility to edit several, even more specific, file types, and a range of discount options. Find out more about Teck Language Solutions and our services and ask for a free quote for your translation project today! We are looking forward to your inquiries.

Professional Translation Services For Chicago

The Chicago economy is strongly characterized by internationally active enterprises with the most versatile profiles. All of these companies have different requirements, needs, and priorities when it comes to international communication. At our translation company, we handle every project and every inquiry individually, making sure that we provide our customers with high-quality outputs. Our customers in the Chicago area value not only our non-bureaucratic processes but also the in-depth understanding how we approach each project, how we analyze and understand our clients’ needs and set our priorities in line with the customers' requirements. We would be happy to get to know your company and help you with the communication on the international stage, eliminating the language barrier to the way of your global success. Contact us and let us discuss the details of your project. We are looking forward to hearing from you!

Chicago Translator

Commercial Translations for Your Chicago Business

If international communication is stumbling and you need clarity into your messages with foreign clients and partners, the expert translators at Teck Language Solutions will help you create foreign language contents. Our translators always work in their native language, have years of relevant experience, and corresponding education. Streamlined processes and strict quality control ensure that our clients get translations at a high professional level, and at an optimum price-value ratio. There is a wide range of topic areas we can help your Chicago based company with, beginning with legal and technical subject fields, through commercial topics, up until certified translations.

Serving Law Firms in the Chicago Area With Legal Translations

When it comes to legal communication in a global context, your messages have to be clear and accurate in the foreign language. At the same time, it is strategically very important that you and your clients fully understand the contents of any legal materials that you come across with during a specific case or process. The legal translators at Teck Language Solutions are there for you, whenever you need foreign language legal contents to be translated into English or vice versa. The topic areas we can help you with include, but are not limited to, family law, corporate law, commercial law, or criminal law. If you need a certification for your translation, no problem for us either.

Certified Translation Service In Chicago

When corporations, small firms and private individuals in the Chicago area need certified translation services, Teck Language Solutions is their reliable source. You need certified translations whenever state authorities, foreign embassies, or any courts (in the U.S. or abroad) are included in the process. The most common areas where you might be in need of a certified translation are immigration, international litigations, and studying abroad. If you have personal papers, court decisions, diplomas, certificates, affidavits, or any further documents that need to be officially translated, turn to us with confidence. It is good to know that our certified translations are officially accepted by the USCIS and by other U.S. state authorities. In many cases we can help you too, when your translation has to be used abroad.

Professional Translations Supported By Cat-Tools

All translation work is carried out by humans, not by machines, but they work through the medium of translation enhancement software, so-called CAT-tools. This software does not do the actual translating, but it adds to the quality of it, by memorizing words used by the translator for particular terminology or phrases, and ensuring that they are translated consistently each time they are repeated. This consistency is an important part in providing a professional translation.

Confidentiality of Your Translations

We treat all of your material as strictly confidential and will delete all your files after completion if you require us to do so. We also ensure that your contact details are treated with full confidentiality.

Looking For Specified Translators in Chicago?

If you’re looking for accurate and authentic translation services for your business in Chicago, Teck Language Solutions are the people to speak to. We provide translations into and from all the major American and European languages, as well as key languages in Asia. We work with all types of organizations from small businesses to large corporations and government departments.

We ensure that your content flows from one language into another, whatever your chosen language pairs. Our U.S.-based team comprises fully bilingual translators and we make sure that the translator for a project is a native speaker of the target language.

Whatever the type of material you need to have translated, we will be able to provide a translator with the necessary expertise. We have specialists in legal, marketing and technical fields, so you can be assured that the correct wording and style will be used and none of the nuances will be lost.

Getting a Free Quote For Your Translation Project

Contact us with your translation requirements and we will provide a free quotation to you, usually within a few hours or faster. Every piece of work is unique so we need to assess each project on an individual basis. The number of words in the source text is the main factor in calculating costs, but we also need to consider any additional requirements such as formatting or editing. We will also advise you how quickly we can deliver the translated work to you. The timescale depends largely on the size of the project, as we prefer to have just one translator work on any one job for optimal consistency. We also need to allow time for quality checks. Once we have committed to a deadline, you can be sure that we will meet it.

All translations are proofread prior to being sent to you and the format is checked. Our translators are qualified in all of the major file formats and desktop publishing software products, so you won’t need to reformat the material we send you - that will all be done for you. Our standards meet the requirements of the American Translators Association, as well as European quality standards.

Whether you’re based in Chicago or elsewhere in the U.S., our translation company, Teck Language Solutions can provide the translation services you need. Contact us with your requirements and we will be delighted to assist you. We serve the Chicago area with professional translation services.

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