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Economically, the Los Angeles area is one of the strongest regions in the US. Numerous well-known corporations operating at an international level and mid-sized and smaller companies are based here. When operating globally, your company needs to communicate effectively abroad with foreign partners, clients, and prospective customers. This must be done in a comprehensible and convincing manner—and their language. Only in this way can true international success be achieved. If your Los Angeles-based business requires reliable translation services, call our translation agency, Teck Language Solutions, for a free and no-obligation quotation.

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If your Los Angeles business is in need of professional translations services, contact us with confidence.

Our Translation Services for Los Angeles Businesses

We have a wide range of subject areas available, from marketing through technical topics to legal fields. Certifications are also possible. We can provide our clients with a variety of language combinations, focusing mainly on the languages of Europe and the American continent. Whether you need translations into German, Italian, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Dutch, Polish, Hungarian, or any other European languages, you can expect excellent service and quality from us.

Are our translators native speakers of the target language? Yes, they are. And we hand-pick them for every project. This ensures that the professionals with the right backgrounds edit your texts.

We offer competitive pricing for all your projects. Costs are assessed based on the number of words and include other factors, such as editing requirements. We can normally provide you with a price within one or two hours.

Find out more about our service segments for Los Angeles companies on this page. If your questions have not been answered, or if you need more information or a fast quote for your translation project, contact us right away. We look forward to cooperating with you.

About our translation workflow and quality:

Native-level translations

At Teck Language Solutions, we always choose translators whose mother tongue is the target language for your project. This ensures that texts are provided to the highest possible linguistic standards. We have experienced translators for a wide range of languages, including all American and European languages, both Western and Eastern, and many of Asia's major languages.

Project management

Once you have received our quotation for your work and wish to proceed, a delivery timescale will be set, and we will allocate the work to the most appropriate translator. We will ensure that the translator has relevant experience in your field, whether it is a medical, legal, marketing, technical, or another specialist area. This will ensure that terms and phrases are translated precisely. Fast and timely delivery is ensured through organizational and technical steps.

Quality checks beyond human attention span

The specialist memory software (CAT tool), used to quality-check our work, ensures that a technical phrase is translated identically, using the same words wherever it occurs in your text. This quality checking is essential, as inconsistent translations of the same term or phrase may leave an unprofessional impression.

Reliable deliveries

When the translation has been completed, it is proofread and checked for any additional requirements, such as formatting. It is then delivered to you.

Marketing and Website Translations Are Part of Our Service Portfolio

We also have specialist translators for marketing who are experts in perfectly capturing the tone of your marketing message and translating it into a message that is appropriate and effective within the context of the local market you are targeting. Another area of expertise at Teck Language Solutions is website translation. For example, we recognize how important it is to translate keywords appropriately to maximize your SEO, and we have the skills and experience to do this for you.

German Translations for Los Angeles

There is no question that the German language plays a significant role in the US economy. Whether as suppliers or buyers, German companies make a significant contribution to the success of American corporations. Our translation agency can provide clients in the LA area with professional German translations to ensure smooth communication between business partners in the USA and German-speaking countries.

You can expect the same precision and accuracy from us that your German partners and clients will expect from you. Our German translators have in-depth knowledge of the German market and can supply you with top-notch work in virtually every subject field, be it marketing, technical, or legal texts.

We are a reliable source for your German translation project. Contact us with confidence.

Italian Translation Services for Los Angeles Businesses

With the help of professional Italian translation in the Los Angeles area, you can not only address Italian minorities in your area but also increase the effectiveness of your international communication with Italian businesses and the Italian market. Italian is a rich language that has had a major influence on most Western languages. It takes a native expert to complete high-quality translations into this beautiful language. This is particularly the case for marketing translations, in which accuracy alone is not sufficient. These texts must be persuasive and powerful. Every word must be chosen carefully. Whether you require Italian translations in the technical, legal, or marketing field, we have the optimal solutions available for you for all of these subject fields.

Even if you need translations from Italian into English, we are confident that we can provide the solutions for you that best fit your expectations. If you intend to buy real estate in Italy and want to know what the contract says, if you inherited a property from Italy and need the notary public's documents in the English language, or if you need Italian-English translations for any other reasons—private or business—contact us and ask for a free quote. We will be glad to assist you.

Spanish Translations for Los Angeles Companies and Individuals

Purchasing English-Spanish translations for your Los Angeles business not only makes sense for targeting the local Hispanic market but also for making communication easier and more effective with your prospective clients and partners in Latin America. In Teck Language Solutions, you will be selecting an excellent provider for your Spanish translation project. Our Spanish texts will ensure that your technical manuals provide clear instructions to any Spanish-speaking personnel. Contracts, agreements, and other legal documents written in Spanish will be translated into English or vice versa by our expert legal translators. Your Spanish-speaking website visitors will be grateful to you for clearly and accurately providing your business information in Spanish using our Spanish translation services.

Hungarian Translator for Los Angeles and Its Surroundings

The Hungarian language might not be the first that comes to mind when thinking about Los Angeles. However, a fair number of Hungarian immigrants settled in the area. In addition, you cannot forget either that the USA is one of Hungary’s biggest trading partners. So, if your company has business interests or contacts in Hungary, if you make investments there or have some private contacts that you would like to maintain, then contact us with confidence.

We guarantee that native speakers will complete your Hungarian translation. All of them have years of experience in the relevant fields. To ensure that the right professionals work with your texts, we hand-pick the Hungarian translator for your project. Extensive quality assurance measures are the basic features of the translation project. Timely delivery is important to us. We know how important it is to keep deadlines in the modern business world. Therefore, we have shaped our processes to ensure high standards and to satisfy our clients’ requirements.

If you need professional Hungarian translations, contact us and ask for a free, non-binding quote.

Certified Translations for Los Angeles

The City of Los Angeles and the surrounding areas are not only popular tourism destinations, but many immigrants also try to create their new life here. To comply with regulations, it is often necessary to submit personal documents that were issued abroad and translated with certification.

If you need your personal documents, like birth and marriage certificates, divorce papers, or your diplomas and certificates to be translated with certification, contact us confidently. Fast deliveries, friendly prices, and reliable work are also a feature of our work in the field of certified translations.

Confidentiality – We Protect Your Personal Data

You needn’t have any concerns about sensitive information. We understand your need for privacy, and we have a strict confidentiality policy in place, so you can be certain that all of your data is safe with us.

Professional Translation Services for Los Angeles Companies

No matter whether your business is based in The Valley, Hollywood, Downtown, Westside, Venice Beach, Santa Monica, Beverly Hills, or in any other neighborhoods, such as Thousand Oaks, Oxnard, Lancaster, San Bernardino, or elsewhere in the Los Angeles area, we have solutions for all business profiles and every business size. We are happy to take on smaller, one-off projects, recurring projects, or larger projects. Thanks to our know-how in the industry, we can cope with all project sizes in a streamlined way and at optimized costs, thereby saving you money.

Our Teck Language Solutions translation agency serves customers in Los Angeles and all over the US. We have carried out projects for a wide variety of industries. So, whatever line of business you are in, we have the solution to all your translation needs.

Call us or email us for your free quotation, and we look forward to working in partnership with you to help deliver your communications to other markets.

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