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5 Signs That You Need Translation Services for Your Los Angeles Business

Different cities have different characters but they’re all united in a need for translation services. No matter which big city in the United States you live in right now, you’ll find that there’s a lot of diversity. Urban areas are melting pots; they invite people from all over the world. And Los Angeles is no exception.

According to this article, 47.9% of Los Angeles’ population is Hispanic, 27.5% is white, 13.7% consists of Asians or Pacific Islanders, 8.1% is African American and 2.8% is made up of American Indians and others. Obviously, these figures are quite impressive, as far as diversity is concerned. So if you run a business in Los Angeles, chances are you could benefit quite a bit from getting your materials translated into the appropriate language, especially Spanish.

Here are a few signs that you could do with translation services for your Los Angeles business:

  1. Your Sales Don’t Reflect the Diversity of the Neighborhood. Different neighborhoods in Los Angeles are likely to have different levels of diversity. Plus, some neighborhoods might have a greater proportion of Hispanic people while others might be filled with Asians. You need to figure out the demographics of the neighborhood where your business is located. Does your customer list reflect this demographic? Or are you only attracting one type of customer? If you find that your customer base doesn’t reflect the diversity of your neighborhood, that means you could definitely do with translation services.
  2. You’re Turning People Away. This is an obvious sign that you’re not doing everything you could to build your customer base. If you’re actually turning people away because you don’t have anyone speaking their language or any written materials in the language they speak, then you definitely need translation services. Just think about how much your business could grow with the help of this simple expedient. A brochure, menu or flyer in the language that is spoken a lot in your neighborhood could help you expand your business exponentially.
  3. Your Competitors Use Translation Services. Every businessman knows that it’s important to keep an eye on your competitors. You need to know what they’re doing in terms of production, marketing, sales and even translation services. If your competitors are using translation services to grow their business, chances are you could do with them as well.
  4. Your Neighborhood Is Changing. So maybe you’ve been doing well enough without translation services over the years. But it might be possible that your neighborhood is changing. As time goes by, cities tend to get more and more varied. Neighborhoods that might originally not been diverse tend to get more so. Of course, it’s also possible for the change to go the other way but this is a little more rare. It’s a good idea to keep track of what’s going on in your neighborhood and adapt your business accordingly. And this might mean making use of translation services.
  5. You Want to Expand. Sometimes, the need to use translation services might not come from outside your business but from inside it. Maybe you’re tired of running a small business for many years and have plans to expand it. This can be done in many ways. You can work with a marketing agency or hire more salespeople. You can expand your product line or start appealing to a different demographic. And you can also make use of translation services. If you can translate your materials into a different language, this will help you to figure out whether people speaking that language are interested in doing business with you. It’s a simple but effective way to expand your business.

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