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Serving you in Washington, D.C.
with professional translations

Are you looking for professional translation services in Washington, D.C.? If rapid response times, fast deliveries, reliable work and competitive rates are important to you, then with our translation company you have found just the right partner. We take care of your translation projects in all American and European language combinations. A wide range of subject areas is available, including marketing, technical, legal and scientific translations. We can also provide you with certified translations in a variety of language combinations. Contact us with confidence with your translation needs and ask for a fast and free quote for your project.

We provide businesses and individuals in Washington, D.C. with professional language translation services.

Are you looking for translation services in Washington?

Contact us for a free quote. We look forward to your inquiry.

Professional Translation Services for Washington businesses and individuals

Teck Language Solutions employs scores of dedicated translation professionals, who demonstrate in their transcriptions an in-depth knowledge of specialist subjects and terminology. Our team of professional translators are experienced in many varied fields, including medical, legal, and financial; they are familiar with the processes of trade and technology; and they employ the most up-to-date technological tools in order to produce the best quality translations at the lowest possible cost.

The European Union has strict requirements governing all member states as to the language used for operation manuals and technical documentation. These requirements can be met by providing professionally translated texts. If your business deals in any kind of machinery or technology, for example, you will be legally obliged to provide all EU customers with such documentation. Our experience in translating these texts will assist you to conduct your business in Europe smoothly and with accuracy.

Our team has the capacity to handle everything from legal contracts to pharmaceutical instructions, and at Teck Language Solutions we have experience of translating all kinds of promotional and marketing materials for businesses. We can also provide a fast-track option. There will always come a time when a rapid turn-around is required, and for these situations we offer an Express Translation Service, which gets the job done in the minimum amount of time, while still maintaining maximum accuracy.

Our work conforms to the European standard EN 15038, and to standards set by the directives of the American Translators Association, which guarantee that our translations are of the highest quality. This is very strictly controlled, by software-based checks as well as human oversight. Orthographical criteria are combined with checks for consistent use of terminology, completeness of meaning, and correct layout.

Our technical expertise covers many website editing solutions, including WordPress and Joomla; we can work direct to CMS platforms, with both static and dynamic content. Alternatively, you can send your projects to us on an exported database, but whatever format you choose, you can rest assured that our translators will not have access to any of your source codes, but only to the texts themselves.

In today's world, internet marketing is one of the most important aspects of promoting your company. At Teck Language Solutions we can translate all kinds of web content into one or several of your target languages, using native-speaking translation professionals for every language of your intended markets. This will help to localize your content more effectively, and make sure that any cultural or local knowledge is absolutely accurate.

Wherever your business is located, Teck Language Solutions is on hand with a professional translation to meet your every need.

German translations for your company in Washington DC

Your customers and business partners from German-speaking countries may already speak fluent English, but the EU regulations governing technical documentation will require professionally translated German-language documentation. We have a great deal of experience with supplying such texts, and can help you with the intricacies of international marketing in Germany.

You should also be aware that in some conservative German-speaking areas like Austria or Switzerland, and the federal states of Southern Germany, a formal approach in their own language will help pave the way to a warmer welcome from new clients.

Professional Italian Translations for Washington DC businesses

There is a thriving Italian community in DC which is represented by associations such as ItaliansInDC. For companies wishing to generate or expand their communications with Italy, Teck Language Solutions offers professional Italian translators with experience in all aspects of business documentation and marketing texts.

Discounts are available on repetitive and standardized texts, and term banks are used to ensure complete accuracy of trade and technical terminology. We also use CAT tools which allow texts to be edited in most office applications and file types.

Professional Spanish Translators in Washington DC

Spanish is the second most common language in the world, spoken in such wide and diverse territory that the language has split into two main streams. We understand how important it is to have exact translations for your specific target markets, so we provide specialist translators in both American and European Spanish. All the subtle differences between these two language variants will be identified by our specialist, native translators, making sure your texts are absolutely authentic for all your prospective client base. Contact us today for a free quote if you need translation from Spanish to English or vice versa.

Hungarian Translations for your company in Washington DC

Washington DC has a thriving Hungarian population, and an association established for promoting business partnerships between the two countries.

With one of the rarer languages spoken in EU member states, our native Hungarian-speaking translators can help give your business a boost when dealing with partners and clients in Hungary. We are fully conversant with all kinds of business documentation, and have the most up-to-date technological aids, so we can offer you full support for your business, with both English-Hungarian and Hungarian-English translations.

Certified translations for Washington DC

Sometimes you will need papers to be translated and certified for official use, and at Teck Language Solutions we have the expertise to do this for you. As a resident of Washington DC, whether private or corporate, we can provide you with fully certified translations of any documents you might require for business registration, job applications, taxation or other purposes.

Translation Services for Washington DC

Whether you find yourself in Foggy Bottom, Georgetown, or on Capitol Hill, there are some great opportunities in DC, as well as in nearby Arlington and Alexandria: business in Washington doesn't just revolve around Pennsylvania Avenue. At Teck Language Solutions we can help you with everything you might need to promote the growth of your company, and it's our pleasure to aid you in your international business in DC.

International Business in Washington, D.C.

Despite the possibility of forthcoming changes in the delicate balance of world trade, Washington DC continues to extend a warm welcome to international investors and those wishing to expand their business overseas. Their Chamber of Commerce has much helpful advice to offer, including a very useful International Business Guide. DC is listed here among the top ten US cities for global investment; it's the second strongest economy in the US, and the Number 1 Software Hotspot, as well as holding a strong position in the biotech and 'clean' industries.

Washington DC is also universally known as the political center of the United States, and, as such, is a whirlpool of national and international activity. A knowledge of different languages will come in useful in the city, whether you're conducting business with overseas clients, or you're in contact with the huge number of foreign embassies here.

There are a variety of government websites offering advice and assistance in all aspects of establishing, expanding or exporting your business. What these sites do not usually supply directly is help with translation, and this is where Teck Language Solutions can step in.

For a successful global business, whether you are dealing with local or overseas contacts, your business transactions must be absolutely faultless. Accurate documentation may also be needed in some or all of the languages you use in these transactions. For this purpose, it is essential that you employ a professional translation service.

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