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Chicago, Globalization and Translation Services

The term globalization may not be in your everyday vocabulary, especially if you are not engaged in international trade or investment. But globalization is an exciting phenomenon that is contributing to economic growth in the United States as well as the nations we interact with across the globe. It may surprise you to learn that Chicago, Illinois, is the top ranked destination in the U.S. for foreign direct investment (FDI), according to IBM’s Global Location Trends 2014 Annual Report. Chicago is ranked fifth globally.

There are many ways the city is able to expand its global reach. One is through Chicago Sister Cities International, a division of World Business Chicago. Leadership is provided for economic development, education, tourism, immigration and cultural enrichment to 28 sister cities.

Another way is through the international business resources of the Consulates and Consular Corps of 85 countries, international Chambers of Commerce and international trade associations, all in Chicago.

Chicago is proud to be home to one of the largest diplomatic communities in the United States with diplomats working to build and enhance relationships between their countries and the states, promoting trade, tourism, and culture.

With so many Chicago-based companies having a strong presence abroad, there are endless opportunities for Translation Agency Services. There are more than 8,000 locations in 170 countries and territories with needs for document translation whether financial, technical or legal. Website translation will be required to meet the demands of globalization. Having the expertise of certified translations for several language combinations will be essential for a strong global reach.

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