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Translation Services Chicago

Chicago Translation Services Make International Business Easier

Translation is important when even a single page of text needs to be understood. In fact, translation agencies in Chicago often deal with short documents. That’s because in business, communication isn’t all done with big technical manuals. Instead, it usually involves a series of back-and-forth messages, offers, and updates. Here are some of the most common things that need to be translated:

Sales Communication

In many cases, the process of getting new business starts with advertising. An ad won’t give people a good impression if it’s riddled with grammatical errors and incorrect word choices. Hiring a professional translator ensures that foreign language versions of your ad won’t come out looking like they were run through a machine translation program. A human translator also helps to make sure that product names and slogans don’t end up being rendered in embarrassing ways. This is because a human can understand the slang meanings of words as well as their literal definitions.

Sales Follow-Up

Once an ad catches someone’s attention, the person may decide to write your company for more information. This is especially true if your product isn’t one that they’ll be going to their local store to pick up. You’ll need a translator to turn their message into English so that you know what they want, and then you’ll need to have your response turned into the language the querant speaks. Depending on the type and price of the product or service you offer, you may need to translate several rounds of questions and answers.

Product Specifications for Overseas Manufacturers

When companies have products made abroad, perfect communication is crucial. There must be no doubt when it comes to the product specifications given to foreign manufacturers or else you could end up with a load of improperly-made and unsellable items. Those who don’t use translation services say that they have to go through many rounds of samples before everything is finally right. Save yourself and your company this aggravation by having your specs translated into the manufacturer’s language right from the start.

Product Instructions for Consumers

It stands to reason that if you sell products overseas, you’ll need to have the instructions for them translated into the language that the buyers will be speaking. If you import products from other countries, you’ll also need to have their manuals translated. Even if the manufacturer offers a manual, it’s likely that their translation won’t be all that great. Don’t be one of those importers that sells products with instructions that don’t make sense – have us turn the original, foreign-language documents into perfect English.

Internal Communication

Multinational companies often have offices in the foreign countries they do business with. The people who work in these offices typically don’t speak English, so official communications need to be translated into their languages in order to be understood. Communications from these offices also need translation, only this time, the target language is English.


The European and South American markets are exploding with possibilities. Have your English web pages translated into the languages of the most promising markets to increase your reach and open up sales.

These are just some of the many things companies need to have translated. Fortunately, we can translate to and from a huge number of languages, so there’s no need to guess what other people are saying. You also don’t need to resort to error-ridden automatic translation programs.

To get started on having your documents translated, just contact us. We can handle all of the major European and Latin American languages with ease. Once your communications in these languages are free of errors, your company will enjoy increased business and the professional image it deserves.

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