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The Value of Translation Services in Tampa, FL

Florida is an ever growing state of culture and diversity. A high increase of the elderly population has created a need in medical, legal, and business services. Tampa is an especially popular area because of the port of Tampa, retirement facilities, and the growing college populations. Communication barriers cause crippling affects in all fields. Because of language barriers, businesses lose 40% of possible customers as these may not fully understand the offerings provided by the businesses. At Teck Language Solutions Inc. we offer high-quality translation services that can benefit both you and your clients. We offer translations in over 30 different languages. Our services can be used in any industry capacity varying from individual translation to corporate-wide translation.

Translation in Financial Services

Tampa is home to a large banking industry, over 300 banks and credit unions. Translation companies provide services with the ability to help customers manage their finances, banking, apply for auto and home loans, and offer verbal and printed translation services.

One benefit of expanding business translation is the ability to network in other countries. Our translation services are familiar with different financial areas in other countries and how they integrate in American banking. Use our services to facilitate a working relationship with a foreign nation and raise your clientele. Tampa’s Port is home to multiple cruise companies, fishing companies, and import/export ships. Our translation services can help with inventory documents, schedules, and payments. A lot of the employees of the Port of Tampa come from other countries and use translation services while they are stateside to do trade and other sales.

Marketing Translation Services for your Tampa business

Changes in Google’s algorithms have made it more important than ever for marketing materials to read natively in the intended language. Websites are being penalized in the rankings for language that sounds “broken.” More importantly, customers are less likely to trust a website or document that sounds foreign and, as such, it is crucial that your content read smoothly in the intended language.

Translation in the medical field

24 million Americans do not speak English well enough to talk to their health care providers. Hiring professional interpreters can close the language barrier between health care staff and patients, providing more efficient care. Private health information can be translated into other languages and dialects. Using computers and humans to avoid error, your documentation will be kept confidential at all times while producing results in a high paced environment. Our services can be used for billing, intake, examination worksheets, and patient summaries. We also can work with individual privately to offer direct communication between patient and physician.

Translation in Emergency Services

Someone dials 911 every three seconds in the state of Florida. While agencies try to employ culturally diverse employees, the population of immigrants is increasing and diversifying. Our translators are trained to translate legal paperwork, facilitate understanding of laws in a multitude of languages, and provide accurate information to get help to citizens faster. We can even assist in software translation to help enter information correctly and efficiently. Our programs can oversee things that a human translator might miss, as well to give you added security in an emergency.

Before starting a translation project, we select a translator who is familiar with your industry, as well as terminology specific to the target culture. We then employ an editing team and software to ensure a quality translation that sounds as if a native wrote it.

Translation quotes

Our company will assist your Tampa-based business with the latest in translation services and technology. Contact Teck Language Solutions today for a free quote today.

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