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Why You Need Translation Services if You Trade With EU Countries

Conducting business with customers based in the European Union might confront your company with more complex tasks than originally planned. Doing successful marketing and sales in foreign markets is only one of the challenges. Fulfilling legal requirements, including those of taxation, is another. Surely, you have prepared for the battle in the EU markets against your competitors by including sales and marketing experts, logistic experts, and lawyers in your business processes. Your team is incomplete without translation professionals.

There are many areas in which a translation professional or a translation company can help your business increase your revenues from the European markets while also assisting you with legal compliance.

The most important of these areas might be taxation. Did you know that when overseas businesses sell, for instance, digital services to end-customers, i.e., in B2C relations, in the EU, you need to apply for EU VAT? This is the value-added tax used in the European Union and corresponds roughly to the sales tax. Your U.S.-based business can apply for an EU VAT number in a relatively easy and fast way, but what this will mean in terms of taxation needs to be clarified with a CPA. In any case, you will have intensive contact with European tax authorities. To make communication fast and smooth, our U.S.-based translation company will help you with professional or certified translations officially accepted by authorities in countries of the EU.

Legal paperwork must also be translated if your business successfully sells in the EU markets. Regardless of whether you sell products or provide services, you must inform your customers and partners about the legal terms of the cooperation. Ideally, you provide all purchase contracts, general terms, and other legal contents in the native language of your European clients, suppliers, or partners. By so doing, you can avoid a range of costly misunderstandings. The cooperation will be faster and more efficient, as all contracting parties will have a clear understanding of the legal fundamentals of the business transactions. Teck Language Solutions provides professional legal translation services for U.S. enterprises targeting the European markets.

Translating business documents for the EU markets

To achieve success in sales and marketing in overseas markets, you will need the relevant business documents to be translated into the target market’s language. These materials include web pages, presentations, brochures, catalogs, flyers, and other sales materials. Each of these content types poses its own challenges when creating its foreign language version. The translation tasks require web design and DTP knowledge. If you intend to streamline your processes and reduce delivery time and the project costs, you should contact a translation company, such as our Miami-based translation company, that has the necessary skills and know-how to work with the specific file types of marketing contents, like content management systems or AdobeTM software. Our team will integrate the translation process in your chosen platform or tool, thereby providing full-service translations and process optimization.

Maybe your activities in the markets of the European Union will be so intensive that, at some point, you will decide to establish a local company in a European country. Apart from the translation of the legal paperwork, this will require certified translation services. Certified translations are officially accepted translations and are required for any correspondence with authorities and courts. You will need certified translations when you decide to form a company in the EU.

If You Start Up a Business in the EU, Certified Translations Will Be Needed

The EU offers a wide range of possibilities for company formations. You will be able to establish a business in any of the (currently, as of 2021) 27 member states, out of which only Ireland has English as the official language. While Ireland has an extremely business-friendly environment, it might not be the best option for the HQ of your EU operations. You have to consider that the Republic of Ireland is on the outer brinks of the EU and is an island which might make things more difficult if you sell physical goods that need to be transferred/delivered to customers on the continent. Ireland can be an ideal choice for digital services, though.

Should the choice of your EU headquarters fall on a country other than Ireland, there will be a language barrier that needs to be taken care of. The issue is even more complicated if you plan to establish businesses in several EU member states at the same time. The wide choice of countries and legal structures (ranging from sole traders through partnerships to corporations) will offer you different trading and structuring possibilities. If translation needs arise while making these decisions and you must ensure fast translations, Teck Language Solutions is your expert and reliable partner.

Translating correspondences with local service providers, such as lawyers and accountants, or with authorities, courts, and more, is part of our everyday business.

Our services range from legal translations to technical and marketing translations, and we can cover your certified translation needs as well.

The cooperation with Teck Language Solutions has, among others, the advantage that our team knows the legal requirements for certified translations in all member states of the EU, and we can offer our U.S.-based clients certified translations that are officially accepted in all of these countries. This is a service feature that makes our company the ideal strategic partner for covering your translation needs during your activities in the EU markets.

Contact us for a fast and free quote if you need professional translations into, or from, any EU language.

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