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Translation Services in Miami Make Things Easy for Importers and Exporters

Many people would think of Miami as a city that needs Spanish-English translation services, but this is just a small part of the market in this place. That’s because Miami is also a big international port city, and many importers and exporters are located there for easy access to shipping. These companies need translation services in Miami to handle a wide variety of languages in order to complete their deals, prepare products for their destination markets, and conduct other international business. Here are some of the languages that are often used by those who deal in international markets:


Importers bring in a huge amount of products from China, but they often go through a large amount of hassle to do so. This is because the language barrier prevents easy communication and leads to snafus. Getting something produced there is especially difficult since each misunderstanding leads to production delays, production mistakes, and even to canceled deals. The easiest way to avoid these problems is to get a translation agency to turn English-language orders into Chinese before they ever go out. Then, the Chinese producers and distributors know what everything’s about before they start production or send a shipment.

Chinese-to-English translation is also important when dealing with product documentation that is either still in Chinese or that has been badly translated by the exporter. Letting some true English speakers polish up poorly-translated product manuals and other materials will make the final presentation look far more professional. It can also lower the amount of returns and customer service calls by making the materials easier for American customers to understand.


Japan has fallen off of the media radar in recent decades, but there are still many products coming into the United States from that country. While more Japanese exporters know English, there are still plenty who don’t really understand it. It’s a good idea to use a translator when dealing with the latter group. The benefits will be the same as they are for Chinese translation.


Bangladesh isn’t very well-known for its exports to the United States, but it actually does a fairly large amount of business. “Made in Bangladesh” is most often seen on clothing that is relatively inexpensive but has good quality. Someone who wants to get in on buying these items should hire a translator who can understand Bengali, the national language.



Thanks to NAFTA and other trade agreements, more and more American companies are exporting to Canada. In Canada, product labels and documentation must be printed in both English and French. If you don’t know French, don’t worry – a translation agency won’t have any problems with it.


American exports also go south of the border to Mexico and beyond. Translation to the South American dialects of Spanish is an essential part of the process for those who need to gain wide consumer acceptance of their products.

Spanish is also needed when selling to the domestic Hispanic market. If you sell items of interest to this market, you’re missing out if all of your documentation is only printed in English. Add Spanish to your labels to increase your products’ accessibility – and their sales.

These are just some of the languages that are routinely needed by those who import or export through Miami’s ports and airports. Practically every language is needed by someone, so the list certainly isn’t limited to the ones that have been mentioned. No matter which languages are in question, good translation makes business run more smoothly and is essential for product materials.

Whether you need one of the “big” languages or one that isn’t as commonly associated with international trade, contact us. We’ll be glad to help you knock down the language barriers.

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