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Website Translations for Orlando-based Businesses – A Boom

If you were asked to name the most-visited city in the United States, perhaps you might guess New York City. Until recent years, you would have been right; however, in 2013, Orlando actually surpassed the Big Apple as the most-visited city in America.

Many of Orlando’s visitors, of course, are international ones, with the Disney World resorts acting as the big draw. Although Disney now has theme parks all around the globe, it’s Disney’s Magic Kingdom that still remains the most popular theme park in the world.

Largely due to Magic Kingdom’s draw, in the spring of 2015, it was announced that Orlando had officially set a new record for U.S. tourism, becoming the first city to exceed sixty million visitors during 2014:

The impact of tourism on our community is remarkable, and in fact, the travel and tourism industry is the largest generator of jobs and economic impact for our region,” said Orange County Mayor Teresa Jacobs. “In addition to delighting visitors and families from around the world, our travel and hospitality industry helps to support a great quality of life for Orlando’s residents, including our amazing new performing arts center and outstanding sports venues (source: Visit Orlando).

Because so many of the visitors to area theme parks are international ones, local businesses seeking to cater to these guests would be wise to invest in website translation services.

As to what language(s) should be made available on your site, that matter seems open for discussion. Time should be taken to consider what segment of the visiting population would be most likely to avail themselves of your services, and what major language is most common among them. For example, French or German will reach a wide array of European guests, while Mandarin or Japanese will greatly benefit Asian guests.

Although Asian and European travelers have always shown strong representations at the Orlando parks, as recently as 2013, the number of visitors from South America actually exceeded all other international guests. Although that fact may lead you to lean toward a Spanish translation for your site, further investigation reveals that a different dominant language may actually be more helpful.

In 2014, Brazilian visitors became the single largest group represented as international guests to Orlando; and unlike the majority of South Americans, Brazilians do not speak Spanish.

Since 2004, Brazilian travel to Orlando has exploded by 900 percent as rising affluence has given more Brazilians a taste for American theme parks, restaurants and shopping. Leading the way are Brazilian teens, for whom a trip to Orlando has become almost a rite of passage. They arrive after 10 or 11 hours on a plane, tired but eager to sample Central Florida’s thrill rides, night life and stores (Orlando Sentinel).

Perhaps if your business caters toward shopping, entertainment, and night life, it might be in your best interest to concentrate your marketing on appealing to Portuguese speakers. Offering alternate-language versions of your website might be a good first step.

The statistics offered by Theme Park Insider could not be more clear: international attendance at Orlando-based theme parks continues to be a major draw to the area, and those numbers do not look as if they will be slowing down any time soon.

To ensure that your business can make your services available to these visiting guests, you should consider professional website translation services through Teck Language Solutions, Inc. Because we use only native-speakers in our translation work, you can be sure that your website will contain not only technically accurate translations, but also an easy flow of language that will offer visiting guests a slice of home away from home.

For more information on our services, please feel free to contact us.

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