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Czech Translation

Get Accurate Translation of Business Documents into Czech

Doing business with companies in the Czech Republic has a unique set of challenges. Importing goods into this central European country can take 17 days with up to seven documents needed. Similarly, enforcing contracts is also time-consuming as 27 different procedures must be navigated. Such situations require the services of a native Czech translator who knows the intricacies of this language.

It’s important to use individuals who are thoroughly familiar with the language as a mother tongue because Czech society is very formal and it takes time to develop a relationship with it. This idiosyncrasy spills over into language and into how documents are translated.

Czech differentiates between singular and plural forms of personal address. The plural pronoun is also used as a polite means of addressing someone who you do not know and to show respect to someone with whom you do not yet have a personal relationship. It is important to use the correct forms of address and not to call someone by their first name or singular pronoun, even in documents, until invited to do so.

These considerations become even more important when attempting to translate marketing materials, technical documents and especially legal materials, as an understanding of the Czech legal system in addition to fluency in the language is necessary to do a proper translation. Simply knowing the language isn’t enough; being thorough familiar with it is a requirement.

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