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9 Qualities of an Exceptional Freelance Translator

Hiring a freelance translator doesn't necessarily guarantee that you are going to end up with the highest quality translation services that you can and should get. Plenty of freelance translators work professionally, but do not possess the traits needed to be truly exceptional at their job. So how can you be sure…

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Why is a Translator Needed For Your Business?

Today's business is fast, high-tech and conducted on a global level. As businesses everywhere grow more international, the need for language-translation services has spiked. If you do business with customers overseas, or you plan to, it's vital to speak the language. A quality translator or translation team. Why Translate Content?…

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Choosing a Translator: Don’t Judge a Book by its Cover

When you’re translating from one language into another, you need to be conscious of many things, such as differences in vocabulary, spelling, grammar etc. Cultural differences are also important to take into account. Once you’ve made allowances for all the disparities between the two languages, you also need to consider…

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Translation and Dialects

When entering a new market, it’s a good idea to know what type of translation you need to use. Do you need a standardized translation, or does your work need to be translated more deeply, to take into account local dialect? Making this distinction is essential for ensuring the audience…

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Some Things to Look For in a Skilled Translator

Skilled Translator

From website and marketing material to literature and biographies, there are many reasons that you might have a translation needed. When the time comes for a Hungarian translation or a French translation, you want to hire the right firm for the job to get the closest translation possible. If this…

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