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Do Foreign-Printed Instruction Manuals Make Your Customers Cry “Translator Needed?”

Importing products from Asia for resale in the United States is a profitable endeavor for a vast amount of companies. One of the best things about it is that it doesn’t matter if you have a tiny garage or 50 giant warehouses; there will be a wholesaler that can meet your product needs.

Even so, there is one aspect of dealing with China, South Korea, and other Asian nations that still presents a problem to many American buyers: getting easily-understood manuals to go with the goods. Even if the manufacturer offers a “manual in English,” it often turns out to be almost or even completely impossible to make sense of it. If you ship out the products with these manuals, you end up getting product returns from befuddled buyers. What do you do about this problem?

The best way to handle it is to tell the manufacturer to skip it when they offer their “translated manuals” as part of a deal. Instead, have them send you one or two copies printed in their native tongue. Then, get the type of translator needed to do the job properly – one that is a native English speaker and can offer translation from Chinese and Korean to companies based in Chicago and other major importing hubs.

Here are some of the reasons that it’s worth it to make this investment whenever you bring products in from any Asian nations:

Fewer Returns

Many people won’t take the time to try to figure out how a product works or even call your customer service department to ask. Instead, they’ll just send the item back or return it to the store. This doesn’t just cost you time for returns processing. In many cases, the product’s packaging will be damaged or small parts will be missing. This makes it so you can’t just turn the item around and resell it as new. The disgruntled original buyer will also have a negative opinion of your product and company and spread their opinion, which will cost you further sales.

Fewer Customer Service Calls

Not all buyers will head right to the returns desk when they can’t figure out what the manual is trying to say. Some will indeed call your customer service number to get someone to explain it to them in plain English. This will often save the sale, but at the cost of service time that could’ve been spent in more efficient ways. With a well-translated manual, these types of service calls will drop to almost zero while your sales remain high.

Your Company and Product Will Seem Far More Professional

When a buyer opens a box only to find a badly-translated manual, it gives the impression that the entire product, and the company behind it, is just as slipshod. Using our translation services will ensure that your customers don’t get this impression about you and your products. Instead, they’ll see the good English and clear instructions they expect to find with a top-tier item.

Completing the Picture

Once you get your product manuals translated from Chinese, Korean, or another Asian language, the majority of the work will be done. To complete the good impression, all you’ll need to do is have the English version printed on good stock and insert it in the product packages. It will be well worth taking the time to do this thanks to the lower return rate, lower number of customer service calls, and overall higher level of customer satisfaction that will result.

Eliminating the problem of badly-translated product manuals starts with a simple step. Just contact us. We translate from all major languages.

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