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Are you looking for certified Spanish translation services? Whether it is a Mexican birth certificate, a marriage certificate from Spain, or tax documents from Panama or the Canary Islands, if you need their certified Spanish-English translations, Teck Language Solutions is your reliable partner. There are many other situations in everyday life when you might need certified Spanish translation services. For instance, when you acquire a degree in a Spanish-speaking country, and you are applying for jobs in the U.S., or when you are born or married abroad, and you are required to present your birth or marriage certificates in English to the authorities. Translation services are vital in several civil processes, including divorce and inheritance. If you are looking for certified Spanish translation services that are fast and reliable and are available at competitive prices, look no further than Teck Language Solutions.

Need certified Spanish translation services?

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Certified Spanish Translation of Personal Documents

We can take over the certified translation of your Spanish personal documents into English or vice versa. Turn to us if you need any of the following or other personal documents to be translated with certification:

  • Birth certificates
  • Marriage certificates
  • Death certificates
  • Divorce papers
  • Certificates of good conduct
  • Driver's licenses
  • Single status certificates
  • Identity cards, passports
  • Migration documents, visas

In the case of personal document translations, we take organizational and technical measures to protect your personal data. We do not upload your documents to project management or other online platforms where many can access them. We only include as many people in the process as necessary. We only cooperate with ATA-certified Spanish translators in this field.

The project can be done quickly and online, i.e., via e-mail correspondence. We are there for you if you need non-bureaucratic, hassle-free, no-red-tape services.

Translating Court Documents Into/From Spanish

You must often present court decisions, verdicts, or rulings from abroad in a U.S. civil proceeding. If this applies to you, then we are the partners you need. We provide you with fast and reliable certified Spanish translations. We can translate any court documents you have received from Central and South America or Spain. Whether it is divorce, an inheritance document, or another civil process paper, you can be sure that with us, only expert legal Spanish translators are working with your texts, maintaining the highest level of confidentiality.

We Are Your Expert Provider for Certified Spanish Translations

Other documents of which we can provide you with certified Spanish translations include:

  • academic transcripts
  • adoption certificates
  • financial reports of all kinds
  • bank statements
  • degrees and diplomas
  • bills
  • contracts of all kinds
  • export/import permits
  • name change certificates
  • police reports
  • power of attorney documents
  • last wills, testaments
  • statutory declarations
  • and many more

Here are some of your advantages when you choose us for your certified Spanish translation project

  • rapid response times
  • fast project turnarounds
  • high availability
  • fixed prices, no hidden fees
  • strict confidentiality
  • accurate, high-quality work
  • competitive rates
  • no red tape

We provide services for our clients nationwide. Whether you are in New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, Dallas, Miami, Los Angeles or any other US city, we are your competent partners for your Spanish translation project.

Our certified translations are accepted by the majority of US authorities, including courts, USCIS, notary public's offices, DMV/BMV offices and many more. In the case of exceptional requirements, please inform us and we will check availabilities.

Whether your documents are from Argentina, Belize, Bolivia, Chile, Colombia, Cuba, Ecuador, Honduras, Mexico, Panama, Paraguay, Peru, Uruguay, Venezuela or from the Caribbean region, we have the right solutions for your certified Spanish translation project.

We can also provide you with European Spanish translation services if you need to use your documents in front of European courts.

Turn to us with confidence if you need certified translations from English to Spanish or vice versa.

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