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Helping Law Firms in the U.S. With Legal Translations

Cooperating with foreign clients is everyday business for many US-based law companies. Regardless of the characteristics of the relevant legal systems, these kinds of cooperation can only be successful if no language barrier exists between the contracting parties or their opponents. This is why your law firm needs a reliable partner for legal translation services. The task of a legal translator is not to give you legal advice in connection with a foreign system but to understand the methodology of translating a foreign language legal content between languages. This is also the reason why the legal translator does not necessarily have to be a lawyer, a judge, a paralegal, or other legal professionals. He or she must only be an experienced legal translator with the right technical and linguistic knowledge to professionally translate your projects.

Teck Language Solutions has the contact to professional and experienced legal translators. With our established connections, years of experience, and technical assets, we can provide US-based law firms with the legal translation service they need in order to provide their clients with the best services.

Legal Translations Are a Strategically Important Factor

Now, every legal professional knows that you cannot win all your cases if you participate in litigation. Oftentimes, the goal is damage control or, if you will, stop-loss; To achieve the least painful outcome for your client. The more complex international litigation is, the more important it is to have every tiny piece of information that you can use to win the case or to limit damages.

But the work of an attorney does not only consist of litigation. In fact, only a minimal proportional amount of cases makes it to the court. Most of the cases are solved out of court. To have the best cards in your hand, also in out-of-court negotiations, you need as much information as you can collect.

And if you think the work of a law office consists only of litigation cases, you might have watched too much Suits or Law & Order. The majority of lawyers in the States work on incorporation and tax cases, inheritance cases, family law, and on other very static also very monotonous cases.

No matter what field your law office specializes in, you must include a translation professional in your project if foreign language texts are involved. Even if it is only about incorporating a subsidiary for your client in, e.g., Germany or in Panama, for that matter, most of these countries will require to include with your applications documents that are written in the official language of the target market.

Specific cases could be endlessly listed as to when legal translations are needed. The bottom line is, if you provide professional service for your client, you need professionals in every step of your project line.

Contact Teck Language Solutions if you are in need of professional legal translation services.

Common Languages

When a law firm in the United States is working for an internationally active client, for geographic reasons, the most common languages they work with are the ones in the direct geographic vicinity of the States or even the ones that are used within the country.

A Spanish and Portuguese translator at their side is a must for every U.S. law firm. But French and Dutch translations, being languages widely spoken in the American continent, are also quite common needs of legal professionals.

If we take a look at the world’s economic systems, we’ll find that geographic vicinity today might not be such an essential factor in any international cooperation. Geostrategic and political reasons play a more important role. Therefore you will find that German, Chinese or Arabic translations are more frequent in the everyday business dealings of a law firm in the U.S.

No matter in what language combinations you need legal translations, you can rest assured that with Teck Language Solutions, you have a reliable partner at your side.

Avoid A.I. When It Comes to Legal Translations

Have you ever seen videos with Elon Musk “freaking out” about the power of A.I. in our times? He might be right in some areas but definitely not in the field of translations. No software can produce quality legal translations that can be professionally used in a legal context, e.g., in front of a court.

Unfortunately, ruthless software salespeople convince lawyers to buy software licenses to streamline the workflows of international litigation. Only when the software is already purchased and in use do they realize that they have been ripped off and the software cannot fulfill the promises they made at the time of the sale. That is when they contact the translation company to create professional legal translations.

When it comes to the translation of legal documents, the first thing you realize is that these papers are, more often than not, only available as hard copies. You can scan or digitalize them with other means; still, it will be a lot of work to make these documents editable and edit them in proper formats. With what you charge as a lawyer to conduct these simple tasks, your clients could not afford your services anymore, or even if they did, they might look around for a more reasonably-priced provider.

However, contact a translation company that provides full services, i.e., translation, editing (DTP), and proofreading. You will be able to provide your clients a rate for your work that they would not have any problem with. Therefore, working with a professional translation provider automatically leads to more clients and more revenue for your law firm.

An even more important aspect is the linguistic quality of the legal translation. As mentioned above, a proper and high-quality legal translation plays a vital role in choosing the right strategy in every legal case, regardless of your area of specialization. No A.I., however sophisticated, can substitute a legal translator’s years of experience and professional knowledge. No algorithm is, in 2021, capable of recognizing the small nuances hidden in legal contents, especially with regards to the relevant legal systems.

Teck Language Solutions is here if your U.S.-based law office needs legal translation services.

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