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How A Translator In America Job Provides Security And Purpose

Every job hunter has seen articles about the highest paying and most in demand jobs in the country. In fact, many students preparing for college read these lists for potential ideas about what to study. Those interested in job security and decent pay (who isn’t?!) may want to consider the life of a translator in America.

Immigration And Translation

A driving force in the demand for more translators in the United States is obviously the immigration situation. With so many people arriving in the United States from Central and South America, the need to have translators for those individuals is growing.

The ability to speak Spanish or Portuguese is obviously a big asset to have when searching for a job in the translation world. However, immigrants from all around the planet arrive in the United States every day. Therefore, the ability to speak any second language other than English is useful.

A Rewarding Line Of Work

Training to become a translator is undoubtedly hard work. However, the benefits extend beyond monetary rewards. points out that many translators find the work that they do personally satisfying,

One of the benefits of being an interpreter or translator is the “personal satisfaction and gratification you get when you are able to meet the needs of the students and their families,” says Fabio Castellanos, an interpreter and translator who also happens to be this reporter’s father.

Translators are certainly not the type to sit in an office and punch a clock. They are actually doing work that changes the outcomes of people’s lives. Some say that they even find spiritual fulfillment in what they do. In the end, most would agree that being a translators fills some personal needs.

A Fast Growing Field

Translator/Interpreter cracks the top 10 for fastest growing fields in the United States. It is also a field that offers a median salary of over $22 per hour. That adds up to about $44,000 per year. That is just the median though, there are many who are making even more than that.

To be paid to do something you love is the dream of countless people. Translation is one field that offers that dream to those who are willing to put in the work.

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