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Reasons Businesses in Miami Should Invest in Quality Translation Services

It is certainly no surprise that Miami is a city of diverse languages. After all, in Miami-Dade County over 72% of citizens reported speaking a language other than English in their households. Businesses in the area face a growing need for a quality translation agency to help market goods and services for a variety of languages.

While many consider hiring bilingual employees sufficient to meet translation needs, recent news suggests this may not be enough. Defense attorneys in a recent Miami case were reprimanded by a federal judge when they filed court documents in Spanish. The US legal system requires that documents are filed in English, a costly and embarrassing mistake for the attorneys. For Miami companies needing legal translation, accuracy and a knowledge of the legal system is key. Inaccurate translations can bias juries, especially when translators do not understand nuanced aspects of the language.

In retail companies, the need for accurate translation extends beyond simply providing products or websites translated into another language. A recent article by Julissa Bofante reported on CVS’s plans to create a Hispanic version of the popular retail chain. Bofante argues that simply translating products into another language is not enough to reach a Latino audience. Businesses need to understand the cultural nuances and local brands in order to truly reach their targeted audiences.

A quality translation service helps company tap into the key demographics and the cultural consciousness of customers, not just change words from one language to another. Contact Teck Language Solutions, Inc. to avoid costly mistakes made by inexperienced translators.

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