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How COVID-19 Affects Translation Services

At the beginning of 2020, everything seemed to be just fine, and most economies worldwide were experiencing a boom that had been unparalleled in prior history. This changed with the current pandemic situation, and with the restrictions that almost all governments imposed on their societies. However, under the changed circumstances, business life will not and cannot stop, and most companies have introduced measures to ensure their survival. These measures, restrictions, and the adaptation of the economies to the new rulebooks have also affected the translation industry. Here is how our translation company can be helpful in the times of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Inform Your Visitors and Employees Abroad About Your Hygienic Measures

Many companies operate worldwide and have subsidiaries abroad. While the global supply chains are in most cases disrupted and in different countries, there are different regulations in force that vary according to the geographic location and to the industry sectors. It can create transparency if your company introduces uniform hygienic standards and you inform your workers and visitors (i.e. clients and suppliers) about these in detail.

Our expert translators took part in several projects in the recent past in which we helped companies create foreign language hygienic instructions for their foreign workers or their subsidiaries abroad. With these measures and with our linguistic support, these companies are taking back control over their operations on a global scale by fulfilling statutory hygienic standards in a transparent and consequent way. The risks of non-compliances are immensely reduced as each employee or visitor to our offices or plants can get information about the regulations in place in their own native language.

These kinds of translations, which can be regarded as medical translation services, require a high-precision quality control, and in the case of these hygienic instructions, all sentences must mean the same as their intended meaning in the original text. This is why we do not only work together with experienced translator veterans, but we have also several targeted quality measures in place to check translation accuracy.

Contact our translation company if you need hygienic instructions related to COVID-19 to be translated into any foreign language.

Informing Your Employees on How You Are Doing

While hygienic measures are important, you can also contribute to maintaining the morale and mental health of your employees if you regularly inform them about how your company is doing through the pandemic. While several sectors, especially the hospitality, aviation, and tourism industries are devastated, many corporations in the U.S. are doing just fine. For some, the pandemic has only been a minor inconvenience. Your employees need to see how well you are doing, and what you need to focus on to survive so that they see that you are doing everything to be able to keep jobs and keep your business running.

A powerful way of informing your staff about the impacts of the pandemic on your everyday operations and future perspectives is through newsletters or company magazines. Your company might be using alternative ways of direct contact with the personnel; e.g. intranet news portals or the like.

In all these and several other cases, our translation company can help you with bringing the message to your plants and subsidiaries abroad. Your staff abroad will feel much more comfortable if they can read about the news in their native language. With these translations, you will not only motivate your foreign employees, but they will also be able to mentally concentrate on their core tasks as you take away their fears on whether or not they will lose their jobs.

Contact us if you need Covid-19 related newsletters, news, or other company communications to be translated for your subsidiaries and plants abroad – or your foreign workers at home.

The Growing Importance of Efficient Online and Digital Translation Services

Of course, the pandemic has had severe effects on the translation industry as well. The interpreters have suffered the highest damages. Interpreters, for those who aren’t aware of the distinctions, are employees who provide on-site services. Interpretation is the oral conversion of messages between languages, while translations are provided in written form.

Interpreters cannot, in most cases, go on-site to conduct interpretation services. Even if this was possible with proper organization, the visitors from abroad are staying away. Seminars, consultations, and negotiations, that a few months ago were taking place at the company sites, moved online and everybody is using Skype®, Teams®, Zoom®, and further chat or conference applications for their meetings. Interpreters needed to move online as well or extend their services with written translations. In many areas, this leads to increased competition, and with that temporary price reductions.

Home office gains in importance everywhere, which again, leads to more improvisation in those areas where a personal contact would normally be necessary. The amount of contact via telephone is decreasing, and personal pick-ups, in the case of certified translations, are being replaced by mail shipments.

Are you interested in translation services that are to the highest industry standards and can be fully processed online? Contact Teck Language Solutions for a fast and free quote.

New Clients Appeared

While many service providers and manufacturers are struggling in the current situation with marketing and selling their products and services, there are many small and medium-sized enterprises, and even family companies, that simply extended their product portfolio or changed their profile to meet the new market demand.

An extreme example is one of our clients in Europe, a personal transport and limousine service provider that survived the 2-week lockdown in Germany in April this year by providing their repeat customers with customized face masks. Obviously, this could not make up for the revenue loss from their high-class service but helped them to stay afloat until the restrictions were eased.

Many companies with medical and hygienic services and products could grow in this situation, and whole new industries appeared. Whether or not their COVID-related services will be viable after the pandemic is over will remain to be answered. In the current situation, one thing for sure: the global economy can only survive the present crisis if communication is fast and efficient, that is, without any linguistic or cultural obstacles.

Whether you need professional translations of business documents related to the Covid-19 pandemic or other medical subject fields, Teck Language Solutions is here for you to support your company with fast and reliable translation services.

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