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We Are Here if You Need Medical Translations

The last few months, meaning the years 2020 and 2021, fundamentally changed our world. Medical-related issues have become more important than ever. Our physical and mental health has been tested to the brink of disruption in many areas, including many states of the U.S. In a global world like the…

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How COVID-19 Affects Translation Services

At the beginning of 2020, everything seemed to be just fine, and most economies worldwide were experiencing a boom that had been unparalleled in prior history. This changed with the current pandemic situation, and with the restrictions that almost all governments imposed on their societies. However, under the changed circumstances,…

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10 Examples of the Growing Need for Medical Translation Services

Demand for medical translation continues to rise with the increase in international medical device distribution, the heightened prevalence of medical websites, and the growing diversity in communities across the globe. Failure to translate key medical content can impede an organization’s ability to provide critical information to patients, researchers, and consumers.…

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Correct Medical Translations Are Essential

Medical Translations

Anyone who works in the medical field knows a correct medical translation is important. One group of students in Quebec, Canada claim a poor translation of a nursing exam, which was required for them to become registered nurses, led to them not passing the exam. The students complaining about the…

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