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Translations to Dutch Represent a Boom for Miami Businesses Seeking New Opportunities

Judging from the stream of European businessmen waiting for taxis at the Miami International Airport, Florida’s businesses and entrepreneurs are courting international opportunities in the EU.

What does it mean to do business in the EU today? The answer: it’s more than just knowing French. Languages like Dutch, which used to lie on the margins, are now becoming more important as European markets become more diverse.

In the EU, there are 28 official languages. The roster of languages spoken in the EU ranges from Maltese and Irish, to Latvian and Lithuanian. It might seem easier to demand only a few official languages be used for business. The United Nations has six official languages. But as a recent article from The Economist suggests, sustainable commerce in Europe will require more robust multilingualism to attract opportunities among a diverse community.

We live in a more connected world and communication beyond the standard United Nation’s six official languages is key to maintaining vitality in the EU, as well as leveraging new business opportunities for investors. Recent trends in multilingual conversation from across the pond suggest Dutch is the new big language to conduct business. Dutch is another language added to the mix to help facilitate better communication between local residents, foreign investors, business strategists, and political leaders.

Multilingual language proficiency is more than ever in high demand. French was the go-to language for international business in Europe. But with more languages vying for attention, stakeholders need translators who can easily go from Dutch to Arabic, or Chinese to Flemish, and vice versa.

To talk more about how you can partner with Dutch translators to reach out to your EU clients across a wide spectrum of language pairs, please contact us. Thanks.

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