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3 Situations that Call for Express Translation

It’s nice when you have enough time to approach translation at an easy pace, but oftentimes, businesses have to opt for express translation. In a digital world ruled by social media and headlines, there are times when you can’t wait a week to translate something.

Social Media

A great example to demonstrate the need of express translation is social media. People don’t sit down and discuss trends that will gain momentum on Facebook and Twitter. These things just happen.

If you want to participate in these trends, then you must have a source of express translation. If you wait an extra day, you’ll lose out on the opportunity.


PR releases typically follow blunders related to the company. The very nature of these blunders is that they’re unexpected. You can’t plan what to say about a surprise mistake, so you can’t possible have a translated article ready.

Situations that require a PR release typically get worse by the hour. You can’t wait a couple of days to translate your official company response to another language. If you want to take control of the situation, then you need to tell your side of the story first. Express translation can help you do just that.

Website content

Businesses don’t only change website content during a website redesign. Sometimes it’s done sporadically to add new content, promote a new product, or optimize content for SEO.

Whatever the case is, it’s usually better to complete these projects sooner, rather than later. A simple oversight in strategy planning sometimes calls for express translation.

Relying on express translation certainly isn’t an optimal solution. But when businesses are in need of quick translation, sometimes it’s their only option. You need to have some source of fast translation to take care of certain situations.

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