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How Can I Know An Express Translation is a Correct Translation

Even when you are careful, sometimes emergency translations come up. Maybe you need to get a letter to your business associate in Russia right away or you find the last paragraph of the document for your colleague in Japan never got translated. At this time, you need an express translation. You want it done fast, but you also want to know the translation is done correctly.

There are several ways you can know a Teck Language Solutions’ express translation is not a sloppy translation. One of the most important things is that each document is translated by one native language translator. First of all, using native speakers ensures you the correct words are used in the translation. Second, by using only one translator, you can be assured uniformity across the full document. No two translators will translate the same document in exactly the same way. Although multiple translations of a document can all be correct, multiple translations within the same document can lead to confusion. That is why we feel it is so essential for only one translator to handle the translation of each document.

Of course, even with express translation the document’s correctness is not completely dependent upon the one native translator. A team will proofread the document to make sure the translator did not miss anything. Only after this is completed will the document be returned to you.

If you should need to use our express translation service, we do ask two things of you. First, give us at least twenty-four hours. We are fast, but we also need to do the work right. Second, remember that our express services cover a maximum of 3,000 words. We want to make sure we have provided you with a correct translation, and that can only be achieved by limiting the amount of words our translators have to handle in a short amount of time. If you should find yourself in a situation where you do need an express translation, contact us right away. The sooner we can get started on the translation, the quicker we can get it back to you.

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