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Website Translation and Your Business Success

In today’s world, consumer interactions occur on a global level. Because of this growth in global commerce, being able to connect with your audiences in their native languages is key. Choosing a reputable company to complete your Website Translation is the first step in creating lasting connections.

While many consumers speak English fluently, companies that go the extra mile and create website versions in multiple languages for their core audiences stand out from the crowd. There’s no better way to show consumers you care than to recognize and cater to their preferences. In today’s competitive world, having an advantage over your competitors helps you close the deal.

Think about the multi-national companies that you patronize regularly. Want to buy furniture from IKEA online? In Swedish? Or, do you prefer the ease of completing these transactions in your native language? Consider your car – you may drive a BMW, but chances are you didn’t have to know any German to complete your transaction. Your website visitors deserve the same experiences you have with IKEA, BMW and countless other global companies that you do business with daily.

Website translation isn’t just about choosing the right direct translations of English words, but also choosing the right expressions for a specific audience. When Chevrolet introduced Novas in Latin America, the car performed poorly, in spite of its strong performance in the U.S. Why? Because ‘no va’ in Spanish means it doesn’t go! Similar to the Nova, your website deserves a chance to connect with the audience before consumers decide that it won’t work.

Completing website translations that are grammatically accurate and demonstrate an understanding of local audiences is crucial to your business. Let us help you bridge the gap – contact us.

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