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Why You Need a Translation Company in the Melting Pot of New York

If there’s any city in the world which has a dire need for translation services, it’s New York. You’ve probably heard people referring to New York as a “melting pot.”  Since the time when people first started emigrating to America, New York has been one of their foremost destinations. This is largely because it’s along the East coast of the United States. Plus, there are also geographical factors which make New York a good port. So it was natural for ships to dock here first. It was only after passing through New York that people decided that they would move inland.

Even now, New York continues to be home to many immigrants. This is the reason why it has such a sprawling Chinatown in the Canal Street area. It also has a Little Italy, a couple of Indian quarters (one in Manhattan and one in Queens), Koreatown (on 32nd Street) and various other small areas which are filled with immigrants from different parts of the world. So if you run a business, here are a few different ways in which working with a translation company in New York can help you:

Attract More Customers

There are many immigrants in New York. A lot of them are still getting acclimated to the city. However, they’re all going to need the same types of products and services as people who have been living here for a while. Everyone needs the basic necessities, such as food, clothing and shelter. Everyone needs to have a job. And everyone needs banking facilities.

So if you’re selling products, renting real estate, running a retail business, managing a headhunting firm or operating a bank, you need to keep in mind that there are a lot of immigrants out there who might need your facilities. Don’t miss out on business just because you didn’t get translation services. Go and get your fliers, brochures, catalogues and advertisements translated now so that you can attract this new demographic.

Create an Inclusive Company Image

It’s not just the fact that you’re going to get new customers which should impel you towards getting translation services. Keep in mind that appealing to different demographics can help you to create an inclusive company image as well.

You may know that you don’t have anything against immigrants themselves or the business they can bring you. However, if you don’t keep your materials translated, people might think that you’re not interested in working with people from different countries, only with those who were born in the United States and speak English as their first language. So they might not frequent your business.

Even people who are from New York might stop coming to you if they see that you’re not welcoming to people from other parts of the world. So it’s important to let them see that you’re progressive and welcoming, that you appreciate the diversity present in this great city.

Improve Your Customer Service

Whether you’re selling a product or providing a service, it’s important to connect well with your customers. In the long run, providing good customer service leads to more referrals which also leads into more sales. Plus, when a customer is satisfied, they tend to keep coming back, which is also in your best interests.

Getting translation services is one way of improving your customer service. Not getting translation services is like telling some of your customers that you don’t care for their business, which is simply not true. So when you translate many of your business materials into different languages, you’re helping out those who are already your customers as well as converting those who haven’t bought your product or availed themselves of your service yet.

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