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Translation Services for Dallas/Fort Worth Area

If someone were to ask what languages are spoken in Texas, the typical answer would be English and Spanish. While it is true that the Hispanic population in Texas is now 38% (*), the 6.5 million people in the Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex are better described as multicultural and multilingual. The DFW Metro area is now the economic and cultural hub of the region which means it is ripe for new business growth.

One example of the number and variety of languages being spoken is to look at a large, affluent school district north of Dallas which has a multilingual department. They report that 12 other languages besides Spanish and English are spoken in the students’ homes they serve.

There are many reasons employers and growing businesses would need translation services:

  • Even if employees have some level of English proficiency, HR issues may arise, such as a Workers Compensation case or noncompliance with policies, where it becomes important to have an interpreter present in a conversation or have documents or manuals translated to ensure there is no misunderstanding of HR policies.
  • Businesses that want to market to a wider audience can translate ads into multiple languages to post on social media or websites, in print media, or with local TV and radio stations.

An example of a consumer to target is a Taiwanese woman who took ESL classes but felt more comfortable working in a Chinese bank in Dallas and admits she gets her news from a Chinese language television station.

  • Signage can be localized for stores near neighborhoods heavily populated by a particular group whose native language is not English. Marketing messages can be crafted to the audiences of particular cultures.
  • Attorneys often need translation of legal documents or may require services of an interpreter.

This growth in a more culturally diverse population means that the DFW Metro area has many translation opportunities. If you need expertise in marketing, legal, financial, technical or medical translations, contact Teck Language Solutions, Inc.

(*) and this is how you can get the most out of the census data

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