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Choosing a translation agency for New York based businesses

Ready to tackle new international markets? Disseminating internal communications to an overseas office? With the help of an experienced translation agency your New York business has the potential to reach out to new markets and expand globally.

But before you hit the freelance job boards in search of the cheapest translation service available, take note of these top tips for identifying a high-quality, professional agency.

Does the agency use only native speakers of the target language?

Ideally the person translating your text should be a native speaker of the target language. This will ensure a more accurate translation, which correctly conveys the intended meaning of your message.

Does the agency use translation software?

If you’ve ever typed a phrase into Google Translate and got a questionable translation in response, you will have a good appreciation of why translation software should not be used by professional agencies. Computer generated translations are useful for getting a loose understanding of a message, but will not produce copy accurate enough to share with your target audience.

Beware bargain basement services!

Cut rate services are unlikely to be using native speakers of the target language. Instead they source cheap freelancers from overseas, who are not native speakers in either English or the target language, leaving lots of scope for mistakes and misinterpretations.

How will you be charged?

Translations agencies in New York charging by the hour may struggle to provide you with an accurate quote, creating plenty of potential for your project to go over budget. Our pricing structure is based on word count, the type of text, and any additional formatting work required. We provide a free quote on a project by project basis, and the amount we quote is the amount you will pay.

Ask for a single (dedicated) translator!

The quality of translation will be much better if the complete project is carried out by one translator. To get a quicker turnaround time, many agencies will break the source into chunks, and spread it out among a team of translators. Translations completed in this way can lack consistency, and seem disjointed. When your deadlines allow, we use one translator to complete the entire project.

Check their work processes

Our translation workflows were designed in accordance with the guidelines set by the American Translators Association and EN 15038, a European standard. Our in-house processes ensure: only experienced, native speakers work on the translation; proofreading checks for wording, terminology, orthography and coherence of overall meaning; and the client’s required layout is accurately reproduced.

Teck Translations is a translation company for New York based businesses and beyond. In fact we have clients not only state-wide, but from across the world. We deliver accurate, typo-free copy, in the format you need, ready for distribution.

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