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Brazilian Translator

Florida Exporters: Why to hire a Portuguese Translator?

According to Alice Ancona, the director of Global Outreach for the Florida Chamber of Commerce, “…Brazil continues to rank as Florida’s top trading partner and export destination.” This is hardly surprising, considering that the United States is Brazil’s largest single trading partner, overall. Nearly 15 percent of all Brazilian imports come from the United States. According to a White House press release from March, 2011:

Exports to Brazil benefit businesses and entrepreneurs across the nation. In every year for the past 10 years, exporters in all 50 states and the District of Columbia have reported exports to Brazil. In 2010, two-thirds of U.S. States (34 total) reported goods export shipments in excess of $100 million.

Besides having the largest economies in the region, Brazil and the United States are also the two largest democracies in the Western Hemisphere. Brazil and the United States have had a long and cordial relationship dating back to 1822; that was the year that a young United States became the first country to recognize Brazil’s newly won independence from Portugal. Considering our historically close ties and economic interrelationships, it’s likely that business opportunities between our two great countries will continue to grow.

An ability to communicate clearly is of primary importance when establishing, or expanding, an export business with another country. That is where Portuguese translators can be of tremendous benefit to your business in Brazil. Contracts, leases and other legal documents; shipping and insurance information; websites; whatever you need done to communicate with your Portuguese-speaking Brazilian counterparts can safely be put in the hands of our expert, professional translators.

Our translators are particularly helpful when it comes to products such as electronics and machinery, which are amongst Brazil’s major imports. We have proprietary term banks which allow us to make sure the translation of all of the terminology in your documents is correct, accurate and professionally approved. We can even creating foreign-language versions of your AutoCAD files. Not only that, but any terms specifically translated for your needs will be retained in the term bank for future use in your translations. Consistency in translations is a critical factor in building long-term, trusting relationships.

Contact us when you’re ready to start exporting to Brazil.

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