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Translation Services

High-Quality, Industry-Specific Translations

When it comes to translations, it’s not only the equivalent words that matter. Fluent understanding of both languages is imperative to the process of course, but at Teck Language Solutions we know that having a thorough knowledge of the relevant industry is just as vital.

As a translation agency with professionals with diverse professional skills, you can be assured we have the resources needed to translate your document, whether it be a medical report, legal summons or advertising pitch.

  • Marketing/Advertising translations. With these assignments, you need a translator with extensive cultural knowledge as well as linguistic abilities. A raw translation is one thing. A slogan that makes sense and references a cultural norm is another.
  • Technical translations. We have developed extensive experience translating technical manuals in our practice in Europe, and bring this same expertise to our office in the US. Whatever the industry, rest assured that your terminology will be clearly interpreted.
  • Medical translations. With experience working with medical practitioners, healthcare administrators and insurance providers, our translators understand the wide variety and the depth of medical terminology. You can have confidence that we will translate your records to the exact specifications.
  • Legal translations. When it comes to legal contracts, a single word can be of the utmost importance. We understand the intense level of detail needed in legal work, and have on hand professionals who have a thorough knowledge of legal services. We also offer translation services for financial transactions and firms, and bring the same work ethic to those assignments.

The combination of our expert team of translators, extensive professional terminology bank and dedication to our clients ensures that we approach every assignment with the consideration it deserves. No matter what the document, we have experienced translators who will bring the combination of language fluency and industry knowledge necessary for a professional translation. For more information, contact us.

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