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Miami’s Growing Need for French and Creole Website Translation Services

When it comes to website translation agency services in Miami, the need in recent years has absolutely exploded; but the reason might not be what you think. Although the need for Spanish translation services has always been a given in South Florida, recent growth of the Haitian community in Miami-Dade County has been nothing short of stunning, leading to a natural increase in the need for French and Creole translation services.

Several factors have combined to lead to the rapid expansion of Miami’s vibrant Haitian community within the last decade. First, the massive Haitian earthquakes in January of 2010 led an influx of middle and upper-class Haitians to seek refuge in South Florida.

According to the latest data from the Customs and Border Protection agency, in the nine months after the earthquake, 8,989 Haitians came to the United States… Most, 6,956, landed in Miami. (New York Times)

Second, major policy shifts in immigration under the Obama Administration have led to further growth. Due to these changes, expedited entrance into the United States will soon be available for thousands of eligible Haitians. Already on the waiting list for green cards, many of them have likewise long been awaiting reunification with family members already living in the States.

There are approximately 100,000 Haitians in the immigration pipeline in Haiti but only those two years away from being issued an immigrant visa for a green card will be eligible to apply. Once paroled into the United States, individuals will be eligible to apply for a work permit and continue their wait for the green card while here. (Miami Herald)

Upon their arrival in the States, many of these new U.S. residents will join an already growing and vibrant culture of ethnic Haitians pleased to call Miami their home. They’re proud to bring Caribbean culture to mainland North America, and the benefits of their artistic, culinary, and cultural influences are undeniable.

Photographer Bruce Webber, when asked why he decided to profile the Haitian community in a recent exhibition, declared that the best thing about living in Miami is the people. Although he has worked previously with models and celebrities, he found the lively personalities in the Haitian community captivating.

As previously noted, this same community is set for an oncoming population boom. As President Obama’s new policies lead to an influx of Haitians reuniting with their families and settling in North Miami, they will be seeking to connect to the community both socially and economically. Since most will not initially be fluent in English, they will likely rely on French and Creole as they navigate the businesses in their new neighborhoods.

Think how your business would benefit by having a French or Creole translation of your website available to these new residents. In this way, you will expand your reach while simultaneously supporting a growing, spirited community of workers and consumers.

We at Teck Language Solutions, Inc. are well prepared to help you take the next step toward connecting with the growing Haitian community. Fortunately, our professional language translators are all native speakers, ensuring that visitors to your site will find not only accurate translations, but also the distinct flavor of their home tongue.

Whatever your business, we stand by to assist you with customized translation services. We are prepared to tackle any industry-specific tasks with accuracy and flair.

With 41% of all Haitians in Florida making their home in Miami-Dade county–and even more anticipated in coming days–the time is right to reach out open hands and forge connections with this growing community. A warm, accurately-translated website would be an excellent first step toward making this vision a reality.

For more information on our translation services, please feel free to contact us. We look forward to assisting you in this process.

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