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Translating German Technical Documents Takes Special Skills

The German-speaking countries have a rich history in scientific and technical work. Famous physicists such as Einstein and Schroedinger produced groundbreaking work in German. Konrad Zuse described the first high-level programming language, Plankalkül, in the Archiv der Mathematik. Today, many native German speakers write in English, which has become a…

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5 Benefits of Hiring a German Translator

Looking to hire a German translator for the first time but don't know what to expect? Hopefully this post will give you some better insight. While there are general guidelines that professional translators should follow in order to deliver excellent service, German translators are able to offer some unique traits. In this…

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The 4 Things Needed to Become a Spanish Translator

Becoming a Spanish translator is a richly rewarding career choice that allows many professionals in that field to genuinely help those in need of translation services. But while they are doing that, they are also absorbing dense, new information about the world and the way we communicate. Although the rewards of a…

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9 Qualities of an Exceptional Freelance Translator

Hiring a freelance translator doesn't necessarily guarantee that you are going to end up with the highest quality translation services that you can and should get. Plenty of freelance translators work professionally, but do not possess the traits needed to be truly exceptional at their job. So how can you be sure…

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Why is a Translator Needed For Your Business?

Today's business is fast, high-tech and conducted on a global level. As businesses everywhere grow more international, the need for language-translation services has spiked. If you do business with customers overseas, or you plan to, it's vital to speak the language. A quality translator or translation team. Why Translate Content?…

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