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5 Skills to Look For in a Swedish Translator

Translating your texts to and from Swedish can be difficult. While both Swedish and English use the same alphabets, they stem from different histories. The latter originates from Old Norse, while the latter is a West Germanic language, bringing with it significant differences in grammar and style. As a result, looking…

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Choosing a Translator: Don’t Judge a Book by its Cover

When you’re translating from one language into another, you need to be conscious of many things, such as differences in vocabulary, spelling, grammar etc. Cultural differences are also important to take into account. Once you’ve made allowances for all the disparities between the two languages, you also need to consider…

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Why Website Translation Is Still Important

Software Translation

One of the greatest aspects of the internet is how it has been able to let people connect with each other from nearly every corner of the globe. The modern internet really is the heartbeat of globalization, and having a functional website is one the easiest ways to make your presence…

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6 Indications That Your Website Translation Needs Help

Going into 2017, your website is and should be the core of your digital marketing efforts. It's an opportunity to share information about your product or service, establish a brand identity, generate leads, and guide your audience throughout the buyer's journey. Of course, when your business operates internationally, that opportunity…

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Translation Services Open Opportunities in Boston

Boston is a city of many languages. The educational institutions in the city and its suburbs — Harvard, MIT, Northeastern, Suffolk, Boston University, and many others — bring in people from many countries who play important roles in commerce, politics, and science. Walk through Harvard Square and listen, and you…

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