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3 Ways in Which Technology Has Transformed the Work and Success of Modern Translation Agencies

Like many other industries, professional translation has undergone a major shift thanks to modern technology. The increasing ease of learning about culture and language alike, not to mention opportunities for machine translations, present both challenges and opportunities. When you engage a translation agency for their services, your relationship will likely be affected…

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4 Tips to Working With a German Translator

When you conduct business internationally, or simply communicate with professionals around the globe, a professional translator is inevitable. Particularly countries like Germany, who have frequent business engagements and communications with United States business, necessitate a professional who equally understands both languages and cultures. But finding the right professional to work…

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The Little Nuances That an Italian Translator Can Help With

Italian Translations

Perhaps you have heard that Italian is one of the easiest languages for English speakers to learn given its Latin-based vocabulary, straightforward pronunciation rules, and fascinating culture that one can get immersed in. These factors are very enticing for English speakers and many have become interested in the Italian language. While it is…

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Endangered Languages – Florida’s Native Americans

We all know about the Cherokee and Pawnee of Oklahoma, and the Navajo and Apache of New Mexico, but unless we’re from the Southeast United States, we hear very little of Florida’s rich native history. This is mainly because of the smaller populations; descendants spread out to Cuba and Mexico…

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