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5 Ugly English Words to Avoid During Marketing Translation


When you’re providing marketing translations, it’s important to use the right words. You can make or break a company’s marketing campaign depending on the words you use. Although some English words are beautiful, like “mellifluous,” “serendipity” and “iridescent,” some of them can really hurt the ears, such as “regurgitate,” “pugilist”…

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Need a Translator? Here are 4 Steps You Should Take

Freelance Translator

So you've decided you need a translator. Perhaps your business operates internationally, of a significant part of your audience would prefer to read your materials in a foreign language. It's a great decision, particularly considering the drawbacks of some of the alternatives to professional translations. But realizing that you need…

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Living for ‘Le Weekend’: The English Language Abroad

English Language

When it comes to native speakers, English actually fares pretty poorly; there are more native speakers of Spanish and Mandarin than there are of English. But in terms of the total number of speakers, both native and as a secondary language, there’s really no comparison - there are believed to…

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