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Our translation company serves Pittsburgh companies and residents with professional translations. If you conduct business abroad and communication is stumbling, or you need to streamline your international communication processes, our professional translators stay at your disposal with excellent service. You will receive native-level translations from us that are proofread on completeness and correctness, fast reaction and turnaround times, and transparent, competitive pricing. Our services are ideal for optimizing communication with transatlantic, transpacific, or Latin American business partners. A wide range of topic areas is available, including translating marketing, legal, and technical content. Several service features give us an edge over competitors. We can provide individual and flexible services for complex language translation tasks with these features. Just the translation service your Pittsburgh business might have been looking for. Contact us for more information or a free estimate.

Need translation services in Pittsburgh?

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Looking for Translation Services in Pittsburgh?

Internationally operating businesses with the most versatile company profiles strongly characterize the Pittsburgh economy. Their global operations pose individual challenges, especially in terms of communication. Our translation company provides the Pittsburgh economy with professional translation services in various language combinations. Our services are ideal for small and mid-sized businesses with clients, partners, or suppliers abroad and those who want to address foreign markets efficiently. Some major advantages of our translation services for Pittsburgh companies include the following:

Only native-level translations

We work together exclusively with native translators of the target language. They are experts in their specific fields and have relevant experience.

Quality control

Numerous quality control measures are in place to ensure high-quality translations. We use traditional and modern assets to ensure your translations are correct and complete.

Fast communication

In today's world, fast communication and fast deliveries are essential if you want to remain competitive in the market. If you expect prompt responses and rapid deliveries, partner up with Teck Language Solutions.

For your company in Pittsburgh and private individuals, our company can offer a range of services that will make your international communication processes fast and efficient. Our translations services are available for a wide range of language combinations, including all languages of the EU, such as Spanish, Portuguese, French, German, Dutch, Italian, Polish, Czech, Hungarian, Slovak, Greek, Croatian, Danish, Swedish, Finnish, Norwegian, and more, many Asian languages such as Chinese, Japanese, Arabic, Turkish, Hindi, Tamil, Farsi, as well as several more exotic language combinations. Our available subject fields are as versatile as the Pittsburgh economy, covering professional translations in marketing, legal, and technical fields. Medical and scientific translations are also possible. We can offer certified translation services for Pittsburgh residents and enterprises in several cases.

Partner with Teck Language Solutions if you are looking for translators in Pittsburgh.

Serving the Pittsburg Economy With Professional Translations

Our translation company is genuinely committed to providing high-quality translation services for Pittsburgh companies and private individuals. Several enterprises nationwide have already chosen our services to maintain fast and coherent communication with their subsidiaries, partners, and clients abroad. Our translation services are more than just the mechanical transfer of texts between languages. Complex stylistic, cultural, and even technical processes are an organic part of every translation project. With our technologically oriented approach, it is always ensured that our clients receive an excellent price-value ratio. Using so-called CAT tools enables us to discount repetitive, modular texts significantly. With their use, it is possible to integrate tested and approved terminology databases into the projects, maintaining accuracy and consistency in using the specific terminology. These applications monitor translation quality in real-time and intervene whenever human errors occur. This combination of human- and software-based quality control ensures optimal output, enhanced quality, and transparent pricing.

Translation Services for Your Operations in Europe

More and more companies from Pittsburgh target the European markets to increase revenue and explore new trading possibilities. While the European Union is a huge market, communication with European countries can be difficult because of the wide variety of languages spoken on the continent. What's more, there can be significant regional differences within each language group. To find the correct ways in the maze of languages of Europe, our translation company will support your Pittsburgh business on its journey to success in the European markets. Our expert translators for European languages will create clear and correct foreign language content that you can use to streamline communication with overseas markets.

Need Translations in Asian Languages?

Similarly to Europe, you will have to deal with several languages in Asia. Whether your partners or customers are in China, Japan, India, Singapore, the Arabic world, or further regions, smooth business operations are only ensured if you can communicate with the language of your business partners and their messages are converted into English. Teck Language Solutions eliminates the linguistic and cultural barriers to communication for clients in the States conducting business in the Asian markets. Our native and expert translators for Asian languages are the best choices to convert messages between English and the languages of Asia.

Who Are Our Clients?

Law Offices in Pittsburgh Belong to Our Regular Clients

Law offices working with clients from abroad often face a language barrier. With our translation services, you will thoroughly understand foreign language legal content, analyze it, and prepare your strategy accordingly. To this end, our translation agency serves law offices in Pittsburgh and the area with accurate legal translation services. Whether it is corporate law, trade law, international litigation, family cases, real estate purchases, company formations abroad, or further specific legal areas, you can always rely on the precise work of Teck Language Solutions.

Why Creative Agencies Prefer Our Services

There are several benefits we can provide creative companies with. PR agencies and marketing corporations often work with industry-specific file types, the editing of which requires special skills and knowledge. At Teck Language Solutions, we have DTP experts who can work with these specific formats. The main advantages of our approach include massive savings in costs and time. The results will also be more accurate as all editing steps of foreign language brochures, presentations, leaflets, and more, are accompanied by experts who know the language. In marketing translations, our main priority is to convert your messages perfectly into the target language. This includes linguistic, stylistic, and cultural correctness. Turn to us if your agency in Pittsburgh needs professional translation services.

Tech Companies Across the States

Pittsburgh has established itself as a technology hub for industry giants and smaller high-technology companies in the past few decades. You might need technical translation services if your Pittsburgh technology enterprise conducts business abroad and sells machines, plants, or software to foreign countries. The expert and skilled technical translators at Teck Language Solutions will ensure that your manuals, handbooks, and further technical documentation will be accurately and precisely translated into any foreign language. We use high-end translation technology to ensure that your industry-specific terminology is used correctly and consistently, even with extensive documentation. Our so-called CAT tools enable us to provide you with an unbeatable price-value ratio. Teck Language Solutions serves technology businesses in Pittsburgh with professional translations.

Some of Our Languages

Looking for Spanish Translators in Pittsburgh?

The Spanish language plays a central role in the everyday business life of many corporations in Pittsburgh. If you need professional Spanish translation services in Pittsburgh, Teck Language Solutions is your expert partner to streamline communication with your clients and partners in Latin America or Spain. We are there for you if website content, marketing materials, technical data, or legal papers need to be translated between Spanish and English. When creating your Spanish translations, we will always ensure a perfect match between the project requirements and the translator's skill set. Extensive proofreading and reviewing tasks complete the quality control process to ensure you receive print-ready materials from us. Contact us if your business in Pittsburgh is looking for a Spanish translator.

We Provide Pittsburgh’s Economy With French Translations

The French language is spoken by approximately 76 million native speakers worldwide. The region of Quebec is relatively close to the Pittsburgh area, so you might need professional French translation services to maintain fast and optimum communication with your customers or suppliers in Canada. But for those businesses that trade with France or North African countries, accurate French translation services are inevitable to maintain successful business relationships with these countries. Teck Language Solutions has professional French translators for a range of subject fields. We can pick a translator for your project who speaks the local version of the language to make sure that your French business documents are not only linguistically but also culturally accurate. Turn to us if you must translate business documents into French.

German Translators Serving Pittsburgh Businesses

Among all the European countries, Germany is the biggest trading partner of the United States and Canada. But German is also spoken in Austria, Switzerland, and Luxemburg. These countries are popular investment targets of many U.S. businesses, offering an extremely business-friendly environment while maintaining political and economic stability. No wonder you will find the European headquarters of many American enterprises in one of these German-speaking countries. To enable smooth communication with any business projects in Germany or the regions mentioned above, contact Teck Language Solutions for professional German translations.

Portuguese Translations for Pittsburgh

Approximately 223 million native speakers speak the Portuguese language on the globe. Translating your business documentation into Portuguese is a powerful way to address a significant group of potential and existing clients in Portugal, Brazil, or Portuguese-speaking minorities in your home country. Working with Teck Language Solutions is also beneficial in the Portuguese language case. Expert translators will serve your Pittsburgh business to translate technical, financial, commercial, or other business documentation between Portuguese and English.

When Pittsburgh Businesses Need Dutch Translations

The Dutch language is present on several continents. While its roots are in Europe, where it is mainly spoken in the Netherlands and Belgium, we encounter Dutch as the official language in several states on the American continent. Dutch is the official language of Suriname and is also spoken in many Caribbean islands, such as the ABC islands, South Africa, and some regions of Asia. If you conduct business with any of these countries and regions, our fast and accurate Dutch translation service is the perfect choice to make communication fast and efficient.

Chinese-English Translations for Pittsburgh

As of 2019, the biggest overseas trading partner of the United States is China. Professional Chinese translation services are imperative if your Pittsburgh business has connections with Chinese companies or customers. But did you know that the Chinese language is highly complex and multifaceted, with several local variations? For example, the language you might be referring to as "Chinese" is probably Standard Mandarin, spoken in major parts of mainland China, but with two different writing systems. Simplified Chinese is used in mainland China, whereas the Traditional Chinese script is used in Hongkong and Taiwan. If your customers are in Hongkong, you might need translations into Cantonese. Several factors need to be taken into consideration when providing Chinese translation services. For your Pittsburgh business, the ideal provider of Chinese translations is Teck Language Solutions. Contact us with confidence!

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