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The Value of Translation Services in Tampa, FL

Tampa Translator

Florida is an ever growing state of culture and diversity. A high increase of the elderly population has created a need in medical, legal, and business services. Tampa is an especially popular area because of the port of Tampa, retirement facilities, and the growing college populations. Communication barriers cause crippling…

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Chicago, Globalization and Translation Services

Chicago Translator

The term globalization may not be in your everyday vocabulary, especially if you are not engaged in international trade or investment. But globalization is an exciting phenomenon that is contributing to economic growth in the United States as well as the nations we interact with across the globe. It may…

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Florida Exporters: Why to hire a Portuguese Translator?

Brazilian Translator

According to Alice Ancona, the director of Global Outreach for the Florida Chamber of Commerce, “...Brazil continues to rank as Florida’s top trading partner and export destination.” This is hardly surprising, considering that the United States is Brazil's largest single trading partner, overall. Nearly 15 percent of all Brazilian imports…

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Translation Services for Dallas/Fort Worth Area

Fort Worth Translator

If someone were to ask what languages are spoken in Texas, the typical answer would be English and Spanish. While it is true that the Hispanic population in Texas is now 38% (*), the 6.5 million people in the Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex are better described as multicultural and multilingual. The DFW…

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Translation Agency/Services for New York Realtors

New York Translator

The April 22, 2015 episode of Bravo's hit show Million Dollar Listing New York featured #1 agent and marketing phenom Fredrik Eklund parading around an open house in a silk kimono and spouting phrases in Chinese, Japanese and Korean. While his antics made for compulsive viewing for reality television, it…

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